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Current Political and Economic Structure (December 5th, 2013)

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
The ruling body of the Fringe Confederation is a junta of military leaders. 'Grand Admiral Shira Karrde,' known only to a select few as former Sith Empress Ashin Varanin, is the final word. The battle meditator and strategist Yun-Harla, known to a select few as Spencer Jacobs, also plays a role. Lord Admiral Dranok Lussk is a major force within with Lords of the Fringe, as is the pirate lord RC 212. Major regional leaders include Lucien Cordel, Shinju Ayasha, and Ardak Serifen. A democratic assembly advises the military junta, and the leader of that assembly has an equal voice in the top tier of decision-making.

Within the territory of the Lords of the Fringe, worlds are left in peace. Much like in the early days of the Omega Protectorate, their incorporation is a matter of defense pacts. The Lords of the Fringe defend their territory furiously, in return for tribute/taxes/fees, open ports and open recruiting. Planetary politics are up to the planets.

With the recent, massive influx of migrants, asylum seekers, political refugees and others in need of a safe haven, the Fringe worlds are now building a true interstellar society.

Economic connections were initially limited to existing lanes and relationships -- for example, the Sanctuary Pipeline, the Spar Trade Route and the Moddell Reach, three hyperlanes within Fringe territory. However, inclusion of well-educated and experienced political refugees has allowed the Fringe to become a true confederation, and this has in turn allowed the Fringe worlds to strengthen economic ties.

Also, the bacta trade is booming out of Verkuyl, and though the Fringers do not own the bacta trade, the incidentals -- food, lodging, land, protection, fuel and so forth -- bring great benefit to Fringe space, to say nothing of the cheap bacta.

The Fringe Confederation is, by all accounts, less formalized and bureacratized than some of its equivalents. However, this is almost certainly a transitional stage. Each planet has five representatives in the Fringe Confederation. The Lords of the Fringe, by and large, do not trouble themselves with politics. Their job is to beat the warfleets of the Unknown Regions and loot them dry -- not play Senator at each other's expense.

The state-owned Iron Crown Productions is an umbrella corporation which builds starships for the Fringe and for export throughout the Unknown Regions. Iron Crown is inextricable from the Fringe Confederation's power and wealth. It owns the fully functional, capital-scale Annaj shipyards, as well as the largest and second-largest shipyards in the Unknown Regions -- Lwhekk and Rakata Beta, respectively. As the influx of refugees comes in, specifically from the southern systems of the outer rim, more disaffected laborers from the Hypori riots find a place in Iron Crown's production capacity.

The Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium has been conquered, the upper castes deposed, and democracy instituted under the iron fist of Shreeftut Ardak Serifen, former Chancellor of the Republic. Dasid Anya, one of the most populous worlds of the Unknown Regions, boosts the Confederation's industrial capacity powerfully. Phu gives the Confederation a direct line to the Core, circumventing Omega Protectorate control of all relevant trade routes.