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Curious to see if anybody is willing...

Riley Storm

ODF Marine
I was considering making this alt partially force sensitive yet with a twist to it, the twist would be she only has a few core abilities and one ability that is non core and that is force imbue.

What I wanted to do with this one is make her technically a rogue jedi, yet she uses guns and throwing type of weapons instead of the traditional lightsaber, however I would love to have someone train me in the force so I can use it and not be seen as powergaming by using an ability too early or whatnot.

Like I said, she would have a few core abilities.. those would be the following.

1. Force Speed
2. Force Reflexes(?)
3. TK (I.E. Lifting/throwing objects, and/or maybe levitation)

and like I said I would love for her to be able to use at some point the ability to imbue her own body and weapons with the force.

Is there anybody, master or knight, that would be willing to help Riley out with training? if not I can make her masterless and train her up myself, but just wanted to check and make sure :)

if you could this would be a huge help. Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this.

Oh and Riley is first and foremost a marine, and secondly a capital ship commander, and third a force user.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Ventasia Terana"] is a Knight and I believe @[member="Knight"] is force sensitive openly as well.

HK can also kinda sorta train her, he did his time in Jedi academy teaching lightsaber arts, that's why he uses it in first place, but along the way he also picked up theoretical knowledge of Force arts. So he can give you some ideas on how to train them and how to develop them.

Riley Storm

ODF Marine
Thanks @[member="HK-36"] I shall see if either of those two are willing, if not then I can take you on your offer and try to train the abilities myself with your guidance.


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Ventasia is almost a master, the vote went through and should have went upstairs.

I am moderately open about using the force, but much like Cira I hide a great deal of it. Just enough to use tonfa's