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CT-7166 'Norwan Fleming', Imperial 501st Commander


NAME: Norwan Fleming, CT-7166
FACTION: The Galactic Empire

RANK: Army Major, 501st Commander
SPECIES: Clone (Fett)
AGE: 27
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.83 meters, 6 feet
WEIGHT: 79 kilograms, 170 pounds
EYES: Dark Brown
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Light


  • [+] Bred For War - Synthesized in a sterile laboratory and having spent most of his life training in the combat, Norwan was bred for war and this is shown through his aptitude for skills such as hand to hand, blaster usage, and first aid. Further exemplifying this is the elite training he received when he was groomed lead the Five-Oh-First. He is both an advantageous ally and a dangerous enemy on the battlefield, it all depends on what side of the blaster the being is on.
  • [+] Strategically Experienced - Complimentary towards his extensive combat training, the geneticists on Kamino also implemented equally impressive strategy and tactical thinking in the clone's genome, garnering him a much higher aptitude of leadership and battlefield understanding than his standard rank-and-file clone trooper brothers. He rose to the rank of Major in the Imperial Army due to this unique trait within him.
  • [|] Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None - As part of his combat training, CT-7166 is able to adapt to a plethora of combat situations and environments and is capable of utilizing specialized stormtrooper armor designed for shoretroopers, snowtroopers, and sandtroopers whom already received training specific to those environments. Though he can do so, he is not as specially trained for those combat situations as the stormtrooper variants listed above.
  • [-] Blindly Loyal - While much of the training process of his clone childhood focused on combat, he has been brainwashed from birth to be compliant to orders from superiors as well as contingency orders issued from the Grand Moff himself. This hampers his creative thinking somewhat and also takes away much of his free will. A 'loyalty chip' was implanted in his brain when he was synthesized which ensures that the orders are carried out, though if he were to find out of its existence and remove it...
  • [-] Short Lifespan - A norm with clones, since the Kaminoan cloning process takes half the time to create a mature clone, said clone ages at double the pace that regular humanoids do and can die of natural causes far before their genetic template does. CT-7166 is currently 13 years of age, but he physically looks 27, meaning when he reaches the age of 20, his body will be 40.

  • The genetic offspring of the long dead bounty hunter, Jango Fett, who served as the template for the clone troopers of the Galactic Republic over eight hundred years ago, CT-7166 retains almost the entirety of Fett's physical appearance, including his dark brown eyes, black hair, and light skin. Sporting a height of exactly six feet and a weight of one hundred and seventy pounds, he is of an athletic and slightly bulky build that compliments his occupation as a soldier.
Usually Norwan can be found in different variants of stormtrooper armor, but he mostly is equipped with standard armor with the markings of the 501st Battalion. When in non-combat situations, he opts for an officer uniform with major rank bars or his armor with the helmet being carried in his arms.


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  • [Dominion] Solution on Scarif - Major Fleming and the newly formed 501st are dispatched on their first combat mission, their objective is to defeat the Rebel forces that have entrenched themselves on the tropical planet of Scarif to achieve a decisive Imperial victory.

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