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Csilla! And Other things!

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
This is just a reminder not to forget about Csilla. I know I've been personally holding people up, and I do apologize. It's now both mine and Akio's priority thread, 50ish posts to go! We can knock this out quick if we keep moving. Going to personally try my hardest to make sure no one is waiting for me, as if I post even just on one thread it a day it will be this one.

We've lost some momentum guys, people fallen inactive and such. We need to work to get people interested again. If you've got an awesome story idea, put it up, @mention a few of us, and we'll make it happen. Just like Cronos's ideas. Let's join together collectively and keep going. If you've got ideas about how to get new members, improve the faction in any way, SPEAK UP! We will hear you and we do listen. This isn't just Akio's and my faction, its all of ours and it would not be here without you guys, so please, please speak up if you have thoughts, ideas, or need something addressed.

Everyone here has been so incredibly awesome. The Inquisition I've dreamed of having for almost two years now, and it's beautiful. And all the other characters here, make this place wonderful and refreshing to be. Basically this is the Empire I've been working to have for so long. Both me and Akio as we've worked side by side on an Empire to try and make it this great. And it just doesn't compare! I sincerely hope we can get our momentum back and start pushing ahead. Hopefully finishing Csilla and starting Cronos's story arc will get some interest and get people around to play.

Also, I do know it's the holidays and people are out and about visiting friends and family, so likely where a few have ran off to. I wish everyone here a happy holiday season.


Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Well said. I'm free of the black Friday madness, and my full attention is on making AE a fun place for everyone. Remember if you're ever having trouble with something just PM Mirien, Midve, or I and we'll do everything we can to help.