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Crime and Grime

Zaazz Amako


Nar Shaddaa, a bounty hunter's paradise. Filled with crime lords just waiting for you to go chase bounties for them. It was this way that he got how he was today. Landing his speeder bike near a cantina, he walked past the daily crowd of people and into the building.

The cantina was about eight times the size of the one on Tatooine, and bustling with people. There were multiple bands playing at the same time, making a strange harmony. The roof, about twelve feet up, was filled with lights of all colors, shapes, and levels of brightness.

Eventually, he found the bar, lined with beers. He walked up to the bartender, a male Twi'lek, and ordered a beer. After he paid up with credits, the bartender handed him a beer. He took the beer and walked off, looking for a table.

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