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Crash and Recover

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
So here's the deal for the next few days:

Since the crash of 11/8/2013 happened, recovering from such an event will be our highest priority. All Fringers are expected to access google caches and begin to rebuild your tech submissions and things of importance. Next, see if you can help others once you're done with your personal stuff.

Bear with the faction admins as well, we'll have this place looking good-as-new in no time. Just be prepared to stress the virtue of patience and above all, keep a good mindset in place. Now that the crash happened, your plate may be clear of unwanted RPs, giving you the chance for a fresh start or pressure lifted from your shoulders.

Report back in when you're finished rebuilding your most wanted content, be sure to double check to make sure nothing gets lost later on.

May The Force Be With You,
Dranok Lussk

Kal Voss

(ill let a faction admin fix the armoury manifesto coz i didnt know if i fixed it if it could be added to latter by an admin)
anyway.... this is what we need...
when it has been reposted, say so here and we will take it off this list...

Cassis-class Interdictor Frigate (publicly available)

Wasp-class Heavy Cruiser (publicly available)

LA-1 Supra Landspeeder

CA-01 "Wretched" Blaster Pistol
CA-02 "Gutripper" Blaster Carbine
CA-03 "Eradicator" Heavy Blaster Rifle
Deathwatch Rail Rifle

Firehawk Rifle
Kalash Mark 47 (publicly available)
DH-93 Scattershot (publicly available)


Engineer-class Armor

MIPS Armor

Grunt-series Mechanized Infantry

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
Well I just reposted a few things so waiting for the admins to approve them yet again, I swear the site crashing is one thing that sux the most, I lost my planet app due to it but not my species app.... Hopefully Vortusa will be approved again even though I had to redo it from an earlier version that was the denied version from months ago.