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Approved Tech CRAR tank

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Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."

Intent: To create a heavy tank for LoTF
Development Thread: If necessary
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Productions
Model: Heavy Tank
Affiliation: Lords of The Fringe
Modularity: Little to none
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Thick durasteel
Description: The CRAR tank is a basic heavy tank, with a heavy gun to boot. It was designed by Elijah Rowlin after it was discovered that the Lords of The Fringe had no heavy ground support.
A basic electrically-run railgun is its primary weapon. To see full tech know-how, click here. In essence, the railgun uses electricity to launch very high-velocity 'shells' of plasma, giving it a very powerful doorbell.
The sheer thickness of the armor means that it is quite slow, making it a very juicy target for airborne predators. However, this armor also works to its advantage, making the CRAR a tank to be reckoned with. A range of 10 km makes the CRAR almost an artillery vehicle, but, again, its armor and weaponry classify it as a heavy tank.
Now about the air assault. This tank is easy to hit, as it has a relatively slow speed of 40 km/h. Its armor, however, can make even the most deadliest of shots leave, at most, a smoking crater in the armor. Enough air support, though, and the CRAR tank itself will be no more than burnt metal. That is why a point defence laser system was developed. The system is capable of shooting down rockets in midair, keeping quite a few missiles off its tail. However, with a recharge rate as slow as 0.5 seconds, a swarm of missiles will easily penetrate the defences. Also, the laser is only able to move 180 degrees [ball turret] in 1 second, making it ponderously slow to bring to bear.
While the armor is thick, it has two weak spots. One: the turret rim. Wedging an explosive in there will take the whole turret off. Two: hit the back hard enough and the tank goes boom.
All in all, it seemed like a good idea.
Role: Assault Tank
Height: 4 m
Length: 15 m
Width: 10 m
Weight: 9 tons
Armor Thickness: 50 cm
Propulsion: Tracks
Top Speed: 40 km/h
Armaments: 1 railgun, 2 point-defence lasers (hidden)
Passenger Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: 100 energy canisters extra
Misc. Equipment: None
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