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Cracks In The Hourglass

Ice Plains
Through the trudging snow she ventured, each step causing a ripple through the foundations of the ice and threatening continuously to shatter the crystalline structure. The myriad of pure white in the distance, with a slight tinge of blue to the horizon, was breathtakingly beautiful, even in the eyes of the Sith Knight who pressed on through the cold. She felt at home here on Ziost, the planet where much had transpired in her past. It was here that she had been found by Dranok, later turning out to be her Father none the less, and it had spun into reality a whole array of events which transpired.

The Umbaran paused to contemplate her surroundings, before slumping down to the ground - not in defeat or fatigue but in pure contemplation. Much had changed, too much in fact, in the past thirteen years. The very foundations of the Sith had fallen and been rebuilt, she had faced Jedi and Sith alike, as well as innumerable other threats, she had taken lives and built them from the ground up. Subjugated, infiltrated, invaded... She had lied and manipulated and deceived, but she had also done some small measures of good - saving Ashborn from a fate worse than death, aiding the young Heavenshield in his learnings...

Not that she was looking to do good, of course. No, it had merely transpired naturally. Now, with a small frown, she stared around herself, from the crystalized mountains down to the frozen lakes. This world breathed beauty, but also isolation...

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Just under the upper hand.
[SIZE=medium]Ziost System[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Aboard Yorik-stronha “Hunter’s Boon”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]The cold blackness of space slowly admitted the emergence of the asteroid like ship to real space. The silent vessel slowly moved to the edge of the system where it sat lifelessly. As cold and dark as the void itself was the figure that stood with crossed arms at the observation viewport. His heavy Vonduun Crab Armor reflected the many bioluminescent lights of the living ship’s interior systems, in its black caprice. He started out at Zoist, which not unlike him was a brutal frigid thing, and waited for his orders. Why he was hear was as much a mystery to him as it would be to anyone who may chance upon his ship, but Overlord Lah assured him that one of the keys that would open the galaxy to them was located on this very planet. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Shimmra shook his massive head from side to side sending his black topknot shaking as he thought of the many ways he would initiate their invasion. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Why should we want anything? We are strong and can take what we please. Every world which we would conquer would yield to us it’s fruit and we would grow stronger. Why must we bide our time. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]The brute stood brooding on thoughts of this nature and the ample violence he intended for those that would fall under his heel. As much as his master was a cunning beast Shimmra was a barbaric one, and the two heads though dangerous alone were terrible when unified. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Soon the call on his villip informing him to go and bring back either by compulsion or physically the white lady that rested on the planet below had arrived. Shimmra marveled inwardly at the instruction for if his master wanted a slave he only had to reach out and take one from a nearer world. It was unusual to say the least for a specific creature to be sought when the ones who filled the galaxy were all the same. However, despite his feelings, the brutish Warmaster would obey, and he would do so continually for nothing Overlord Lah had said so far had failed to bring them glory. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]He marched to what would be considered the aft of the ship and boarded the one person drop pod that would carry him to the surface and within seconds he was out and plummeting toward the world below. His Yorik coral pod was designed to look like nothing but a meteor and so it in fact moved streaking toward the frigid atmosphere of the barren world, where his target seemed to be. With him he carried his amphistaff and items to bind and gag his prisoner to be. Soon the light on his entry could be seen in the sky and then followed by the cloud of snow and ice sent aloft as his pod punched into the frozen ground. The seal cracked and he stood tall in the small crater before moving toward the distant ruins where he suspected his victim may have been.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]@[member="Kära Vi'dreya"][/SIZE]
The small girl continued along Ziost, the hand in her pocket seeking out the feel of the stark white, smooth pebble which resided there. It brought back to her memories of days long since passed, of Thurion and the Jedi, of life on Coruscant... And how much she missed her only friend in this Galaxy. Now sworn enemies, and she now a Knight none the less, likely Heavenshield the same, she was at a loss - there was no way back to those days for her, she was not a child anymore and somewhere deep within that knowledge hurt. But she had more pressing issues, she never let this rise beyond the very depths of her mind; no, she was far stronger than one who brooded on the past and could not move on.

And besides she knew, Kara knew that she had a link to that boy back on Coruscant who had shown her kindness and a new way of living if only for a year. Her Apprentice, the Ashborn, was most definitely his brother she was sure - she had felt it the very first day they met, and since then became certain of the fact. Pressing on through the snow she set her path down to the mountain range, ever seeking with hungry eyes the old building in which she had met her Father, where he had nursed her back to health... With a small sigh she became annoyed with how long it was taking... But then again she had been half asleep and unconscious when he had carried her through the snow to his humble abode.

She picked up on a presence nearby and suddenly her paranoia kicked in, she was on high alert, and thus turned suddenly to stare at the horizon... Nothing. With a frown she attempted to get back on track but it was difficult now she had the distinct sensation of further lifeforms on this usually desolate planet...

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Just under the upper hand.
[SIZE=10pt]Shimmra wasted no time. The tight knot of anticipation had built in his abdomen and the thrill of the hunt was beginning to motivate him as it always did. The black blood that coursed through his veins was carrying with it now the ample supply of adrenaline that came with his desire for violence. His orders were to do the target no harm but such was his brutal mindset that he would be a champion of self-control if he could obey. He jogged across the frigid plain reserving his strength for whatever may happen his way but he did not move without some speed. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The buildings in the distance steadily grew closer as he moved, a simple dark dot on the vast white face of the wicked world. He drew nearer and began moving to the right near some snowy drifts to help hide his approach. He had been warned that some creatures of this galaxy could sense his kind, even without a connection to their mystic force, but he would not desire to make it too easy. He continued his approach, slower now, but ever forward as was his typical manner. Someday he would likely continue to his ruin but for now, he would not indulge to think on such musings. Not when there was prey to catch. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]@[member="Kära Vi'dreya"][/SIZE]
Onward she pressed, ever conscious of the presence she could feel watching her. Deciding it best to hurry inside she waylined her route to her Father's old Temple to instead venture to the closest structure - an old citadel which had crumbled, half hidden within the snow and ice of Ziost. Her pace picked up, but never did she break into a sprint or even a jog, no she was far more composed than that. Besides, if all else failed she had the Force and her lightsaber which was as ever hidden up her sleeve. She knew she could handle whatever was thrown at her, one way or another.

When the structure towered over her she found, to her dismay, that the entrance was covered in both iced-snow and stones which had weathered away and broken down. Cursing under her breath in Umbarese she emitted a large burst of potent telekinesis against it and shattered it inwards, allowing the dark, dank hall to be subjected to the bulk of the blast. Stepping inside she glanced around and watched as the interior lit up to her presence. Brilliant. Which ever life monitors that were present and still functional also flickered into life, the heat it reverberated melting away at the crumpled snow. Further inside she ventured and explored, all the while trying to keep tabs on whoever was following her...

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