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Cortosis: Wanted

RMIA is putting out a sizable bounty out for a shipment of Cortosis, enough for them to make their next line of weapons. Trust me, it will be something you want to have.

Name of Bounty: Cortosis
Name of Contractor: RMIA
Bounty Price: 10,000 credits plus:
1 of the weapons made on this line
1 K-40 Launcher
>>1 box of Brimestone rounds
>>1 box of Smoke Em rounds
Ghost shatter rifle
1 Hellstorm heavy assault tank OR 1 hardback troop transport OR 1 Icarus-class AA platform. (your choice) 1 Punisher pistol
1 Dovin Et
Condition: Enough to make a Minor level of production for the item we're gonna make.
Additional Info: Yes, we at RMIA pay well. And while I'm not saying you can use this to get the restricted material for participating in a bounty with another writer..... you can. So, may the best man/woman win.

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