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Character Corran Rafar

Corran Rafar

Corran Rafar, Knight Warden of the Shroud


NAME: Corran Rafar

FACTION: Eternal Empire

RANK: Knight Warden of the Shroud


AGE: 37

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 1.91 meters

WEIGHT: 102kg

EYES: Dark Brown

HAIR: Black

SKIN: Dark Brown


[+] Physical Prowess: Gifted by nature with a very impressive physical stature, providing him with strength and endurance beyond the average human.

[+] Gift of the Force:
Corran knows his way around his force powers and is very proficient in using them.

[+] Surprising Dexterity: Despite his large frame, Corran moves quickly and smoothly, which certainly provides him with an advantage in duels.

[-] Fanatical: Once focused on a goal, Corran shall never let go

[-] Cautious: While he may not look so, Corran is extremely cautious and unwilling to take risks.

[-] Secretive: Being a Warden, secrecy is Corran's way of life. This means that it is very difficult for him to trust in anyone but himself and his fellow Wardens.


Corran is very large for a human being, standing at around 1,91 meters tall. He is of muscular build, and towers above most others of his species. Years of training, exercise and action have made sure that his body remains in peak condition at this point in time.

Skills and Abilities:
Force Powers:

Control Aspect: Control Pain - Advanced.

Control Aspect: Force Body - Intermediate.

Sense Aspect: Shadow Vision - Beginner.

Sense Aspect: Telepathy - Beginner.

Alter Aspect: Alter Damage - Intermediate.

Alter Aspect: Force Destruction - Advanced.

Alter Aspect: Force Weapon - Intermediate.

Lightsaber Combat:

Form II: Makashi - Advanced.

Form VI: Niman - Intermediate.

Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad - Advanced.


Blasters: Rifles - Advanced.

Blasters: Pistols - Intermediate.

Demolitions - Basic.

Starfighter Control - Basic.

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