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Corellian Summers

Dris Negan

A well dressed human male stood outside of one of Coronet's bustling cantinas, leaning heavily on the railing separating himself from certain death.

A break. What the hell is that?

The thought brought a grin to Dris's stubbled face. He'd been working almost non stop for the past three years. A light, seasonal breeze brushed past him, further creating an illusion of peace. The sun was setting on Corellia's bustling hub of a Capitial.

It seemed as if the planet was going to rest.

Until you listened closely. The shouts. The curses. The speeder exhaust.

Coronet was wide awake. Didn't sleep. Like some ancient vampire feeding on the never ending struggles of it's citizens. Dris sighed slightly and turned back into the cantina whose balcony he'd been inhabiting for the past five miniutes.

He struggled with his conscious as he took a seat at a both, ordering an ale, and staring blankly at the holonet feed on his table.

Charlyn Nairne

Little Miss Sunshine
Chloe glanced over to the newcomer for a brief second before going back to her holo pad screen. She may not look it but she was well aware of her surroundings while still focused on her work. Chloe was always working, never one to take a break after all time was credits and she seemingly never had enough credits to spare. Taking a sip of her Cosmo Chloe glanced once again around the cantina before going back to her work.

At the moment she didn't have a job but she was out looking for something she could pick up on the side of her regular full time position. She wasn't pleased with her regular job but it put a roof over her head so it would do until she was able to get herself more out there. It would help to have more time to do that at last she didn't. Chloe knew that her break would come someday so she wasn't too discouraged as of yet.

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Dris Negan

Dris caught the glance by chance, taking note of the perception the woman seemed to have. An untrained eye wouldn't have picked up what the glance said. Dris wasn't one of those. It reminded him of the one who'd recruited him, his original handler. Dris took note of the chance that she might be an agent herself and continued to stare blankly at the holo vids.

Never knew who you might find in a cantina.

He chuckled at the thought and took a drink of his ale.

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