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Corel Praxis


Space Truckin'
NAME: Corel Praxis
FACTION: The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)

RANK: 2nd Lieutenant/Smuggler


AGE: 28 Galactic Standard Years.




EYES: Very dark brown.

HAIR: Short black hair.

SKIN: White/Caucasian.

FORCE SENSITIVE: More or less the force sensitivity of a brick.

Dual D18 Blaster pistols w/ specific modifications for enhanced blaster fire and accompanying holsters.

Treppus-2 vibroblade strapped to his right thigh.

​Miscellaneous Items:
Versafunction 88 Datapad.

Comlink specifically modified for enhanced range.

Imagecaster Personal Handheld Holo-Projector.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Expert Pilot/Navigator - Though some may describe his style of flying as rash or hasty, Corel is most definitely a very gifted pilot, with a penchant for escaping sticky situations. In addition to his considerable piloting expertise, Corel is also a fantastic navigator, with a near impeccable sense of direction.

+ Proficient/adept marksman - Described by associates and employers alike as remarkably skilled, Corel is a renowned gunslinger. Trained by expert marksman and ex-bounty hunter, Lobo Blitzer, in the use of blasters from an early age, he is notorious as a crackshot. His knowledge and efficiency with firearms also extends to military-grade weapons, such as blaster rifles and sniper rifles.

+ Engineer/mechanic - Under the employ of Risic, Corel demonstrated his innate ability with machines, as he flourished into a capable mechanic.

- Impetuous/intrepid: A very profound trait, Corel is quite often reckless or careless in his endeavors, leading him to sometimes commit unnecessary risks. This has placed him in many a life-threatening situations.

- Teetering alcoholic: Never able to resist a good ale, booze is a very significant aspect of Corel's life. As such, he has become borderline alcoholic.

With a sleek design and a stark emphasis on stealth, Corel's ship, the ​Midnight Diamond, is ideal for smuggling. It holds various compartments useful for hiding away spices, cargo, and even people, if need be. With its swift shape, the ship is quite efficient in a firefight, as it is able to evade fire quickly. Though not a warship in any manner, the​ ​Midnight Diamond is equipped with enough firepower to defend itself if need be.

​​Born on the desert planet of Tatooine, Corel was orphaned at a young age. According to local rumors, his father was a Sergeant of the Galactic Republic Army, and his mother worked at a local cantina. At any rate, he retains little remembrance of his biological parents; mostly fragmented memories. Growing up in the violent spaceport/city of Mos Eisly, he quickly learned the basics of survival, developing the useful ability of pick-pocketing. Corel spent most of his childhood fending for himself on the streets, becoming quite a tough young man.

By the age of 9, Corel became acquainted with Risic, a Toydarian who owned a local junk/repair parts shop. Noticing the young boy's affinity for mechanics, Risic eventually employed him, offering Corel a place to rest his head as well. Working for the Toydarian junk dealer, Corel quickly displayed his aptitude for engineering, demonstrating and honing terrific skills as a young mechanic. Corel worked for Risic well into his adolescent years, becoming a dear friend for the young boy.

At the age of 14, Corel met the retired bounty hunter/smuggler Lobo Blitzer(also an associate's of Risic's) after a failed attempt to pickpocket him. Realizing the potential Corel had, Lobo took him in under his wing. Corel became Lobo's protegè, with the seasoned adventurer teaching the young man how to pilot ships, as well as training him in the use of blaster weapons. As a teacher and as a father figure, Lobo taught Corel everything he knew about the Galaxy, about life, and how to be a man.

With Corel aged 21, Lobo unfortunately passed away at the age of 66, leaving Corel devastated and bereft. Being that Corel had become like a son to him, Lobo left all his resources to the young smuggler, a decent amount of credits.

After a last farewell with Risic, Corel sped off into space, looking for employ in the vast Galaxy.