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Pieces of yorik coral and skerr kyrric littered the field. The Yuuzhan Vong didn't wail and cry like babes as they died. They did so in dignified silence. Khallesh wasn't afforded that dignity. Not yet. Still bleeding they dragged her towards one of the skiffs. If she had the strength left the would have torn at them til the last. Two two dead humans where they were dragging her from was testament to that.

“You think this one can lead us to the rest?”

“They say you can't torture a Vong. They like it.”

“Ah what you knew about anything could fit on the side of a death stick. If he says get captives we get captives.”

This should have been an easy raid, Khallesh reflected. All their great warriors had to do now was conduct raids. Their Shapers worked with the peaceful colony on alderaan in exchange for food and supplies but it wasn't enough for the fleet. They stole everything else they needed. It was a low calling, but it was still better than begging.

The shapers could turn utilise several of the raw materials used by the native species of the Galaxy. Kolto, bacta, tibanna gas were among those. They had spies as wide as they could afford them to find key targets to hit. It was clear now to Khallesh that someone had purposefully fed them this information. Resistance to the raids had been growing in the region. Instead of lightly defended there had been armed skiffs around the convoy. Men with illegal, heavy disruptors that could crack open Vonduun and air to ground missiles that had shattered their coral skippers.

Some of her raiding party had escaped to the cover of the trees. Most had died. Khallesh wished she was among either group. After gouging and tearing at the two who had come for her she'd been struck by some kind of weapon that had left her mostly paralysed, but still conscious. She heard the men grunting as they hefted her weight up onto the skiff. At least one other was thrown aboard too and they were lashed down to the railings that ran around the edge of the deck. She prayed for the strength just to earn a death. To be captured would be an inglorious end to her short service to her people.

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