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Approved Starship Concordance-class Asteroid Mining Barge

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Captain Larraq


Alt Picture 1, Alt Picture 2, Alt Picture 3, Alt Picture 4,

Credit: Dead Space
Intent: An old design produced by Mandal Hypernautics hundreds of years ago. The goal then was to create a vessel designed purely for large scale mining operations in deep space. Currently, Mandal Hypernautics is attempting to restart production of the massive mining vessel for sale on the galactic market as a means of competing with MandalMotors domination of the local market.

Development Thread: ((Dead on Arrival))
Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics
Model: Mk 1 Concordance-class Asteroid Mining Barge
Affiliation: Mandal Hypernautics, Hyperion Mining, Open Market,
Modularity: None
Production: Limited
Material: Durasteel frame, Alusteel Hull, Duraplast and Duracrete interior

Designed for large scale mining operations in deep space, the Concordance-class Asteroid Mining Barge is capable of far more than its name implies. Using state of the art gravity tethers and tractor beams, the ship is able to scan and catch mineral-rich asteroids and then strip them of their precious metals. An unintended secondary mining technique discovered by opportunistic captains was the ability to tare mountain sized chunks out of moons and small planets. This mining technique requires a large ground team to drill massive anchors into the desired section of planetoid, as well as explosive charges along the perimeter of the desired chunk of land. Locking onto the land-mass with the gravity tethers and tractor beams, the Concordance-class Vessel is able to slowly pull the chunk of land from the surface of the planetoid for easier access in the zero gravity environment of space, where is stays attached to the chunk of land for the several months it takes to harvest the valuable ore from the land.

Using these techniques, a handful of these vessels are able to consume an entire moon over a few decades, filling up massive heavy freighters to the brim with valuable minerals to be shipped back to various production facilities. Most governments have outlawed the use of such mining operations in populated systems, stating that the risk of disruption to the gravitational balance of the solar system does not outweigh the potential industrial boon. While these governments still allow the use of the Concordance-class Vessel for asteroid mining within their borders, attempting to 'crack a planet' in a populated system is a class 1 felony.

Cracking a planet is an intensive process that takes several weeks. First, survey teams must locate a suitable plot of land, which typically takes three to five days. Next, ground teams must drill and reinforce anchor points into key locations in the desired plot of land. Once the anchor points are in place, massive Durasteel rods with specialized hook-like barbs must be inserted into the anchor points. Drilling and anchoring takes a minimum of two weeks to accomplish. Once the anchor points are secured, demolition charges are placed at key points along the perimeter of the desired plot of land and the Concordance itself must be brought into a very precise low orbit, which takes one or two days. Once in position, the gravity tethers of the Concordance are lowered into position and carefully secured to the anchor points over several hours.. The demolition charges are detonated and the tedious process of extracting the landmass from the planet takes place. It can take as many as two or three days to safely extract a landmass from a planet, as withdrawing from orbit too quickly can cause the anchor points to fail or cause a shift in weight distribution that could cause the entire landmass to collapse on itself and fall back to the planet.

OOC: Each stage of cracking a planet requires a minimum of 3-5 posts from a minimum of three writers to accomplish. At a minimum, 24 posts between three writers must be accomplished before the mining process/harvesting can begin. The quality of posts and level of detail put into the 'cracking' process has a direct IC/OOC result in the amount of rare ore that can be obtained while harvesting the landmass. If a roleplay judge finds the quality of posts in the thread to be lacking, they can rule that the landmass breaks up and collapses to the planet.

Classification: Heavy Freighter, Specialized (Civilian) Star Destroyer,
Role: Mining Barge
Height: 470 meters
Width: 300 meters, 550 meters with arms deployed
Length: 1,600 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 4 (Class 10 Backup)
Minimum Crew: 7331
Optimal Crew: 40110
Passenger Capacity: 4,000 Labor Droids
Passenger Manifest: 2,500 Ogre II Mining Droids, 800 MGL Droids, 500 MTX Loader Droids, 200 VCE Droids
Cargo Capacity: 400,000 tons
Consumables: 3 years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 7


  • Asteroid Defense System (180 Mass Driver Cannons)
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Advanced Scanners
  • Decontamination Chambers
  • Docking Ports
  • Emergency Shuttles
  • Filtration Systems
  • Gravity Centrifuge
  • Gravity Tethers (8)
  • HoloNet Transceiver
  • Hydroponics Deck
  • Maintenance Deck
  • Medical Deck
  • Mining Deck
  • Ore Storage Deck
  • Quarantine System
  • Tractor Beams (8)
  • Tram System
Optimal Crew Complement
  • Clerical: 1950
  • Colonial: 9210
  • Crew: 2400
  • Custodial: 2640
  • Extension/Familial: 6240
  • Medical: 2070
  • Security: 2850
  • Service: 4350
  • Technical: 5310
  • Other: 3120
((Note about the cargo capacity and mining; a 'mountain sized chunk' would weight approximately 5,750,000,000 tons. This vehicle processes what it can, stores it for a time, and loads the processed ore onto freighters for transport. Then it simply continues processing the ore. It would take approximately 28,750 'loads' of ore before the asteroid, planetoid, or chunk of planet would be depleted. Processing roughly 3-4 'loads' in a month, this results in 1.5-2 years of mining per asteroid/planetoid/chunk of planet.))

Captain Larraq

@[member="Ayden Cater"]

I've made some edits to the ship. I've increased the crew requirements and gone into more specific detail on the passenger and hanger complements. As well as linking the Development thread.

The Development thread is still in progress, but baring the completion of the thread, are there any other gray areas that need to be worked out of this submission?

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
@[member="Captain Larraq"]

Quick nitpick; Singularity core is not an appropriate reactor type. You'll need a new one.

Over the last few days, the other RPJs, FJs, and I spoke about this vessel. While nothing is wrong with it by itself, there are some details that are giving us pause. For starters, your company is Tier 2 presently and looking to develop a mining vessel much larger than anything we've seen in Star Wars canon. Other submissions have been denied outright for treading the line on serious potential abuse, and this one is skirting the line fairly close.

Most companies start small with their subs, ranging in size from frigates to cruisers. In the past, we've asked for company development threads before someone could use their company to create more massive ships, as a way to dissuade attempts at rubber stamping outlandish products with the simple idea of "It's my company".

I appreciate that its armament is not military-grade and it does look like you tried to ensure that such a ship couldn't easily rip capital cities off planets. However, I find myself leaning towards the idea that this ship would be better served as starting off smaller. While yes, it's made to order, the small size of your company combined with its relative newness makes it unlikely that they have the capacity to produce such a large ship or have the reputation to really sell it. Normally for a T2 comapny, I'd probably ask you to knock its size down all the way to a frigate. However, in light of your dev thread and the scope of the vessel, I think reducing it's length to somewhere between 1,000 and 1,200 meters will do fine.

Captain Larraq

@[member="Ayden Cater"]

Singularity core will be changed out for a more standard core, I just thought it 'sounded cool'

I've been busy with work and stress lately, but I have an outline set up for the development thread that should have it come in at between 50 and 80 posts in length. (again, sorry for submitting this before the development thread was finished. At the time, I didn't realize the correlation between the faction pre-factory and the actual factory forum. And somehow I missed the 'development thread finished before submission' thing. It won't happen again.)

I am planing to pull Mandal Hypernautics up to a tier 3 company as quickly as possible and am planning several 'business deals' to support this advancement. Assuming I finish the development thread before that time, would it be reasonable to produce this ship as a 1,200 meter long version and then submit an 'upscaled' version when Mandal Hypernautics reaches Tier 3 status? If so, would I require a second development thread to get the design back up to its original length?

Captain Larraq

The Dev thread is currently at 16 posts and Larraq just set foot on the ship. I'll be prioritizing finishing my development threads over the next two weeks. This ship will definitely have a 40+ development thread by the time it's done! Actually... I already have the thread planned out, it's just a matter of sitting down to write it all.

Here is the story/plan for the development thread.

Get control of the hanger area (1-3 posts)
open hanger doors and dock shuttle (2-5 posts)
encounter zombies and freak out (4-6 posts)
fight zombies to get tram working again (5-ish posts)
search for clues as to what is going on with zombies (5-ish posts)

(21 areas that need to be found and manually scanned)
Gravity Tethers, Tractor Beams, Mineral Scanners, Gravity Centrifuge, Mining Deck, Medical Deck, Maintenance Deck, Ore Storage Deck, Hydroponics Deck, Docking Ports, HoloNet Transceiver, Decontamination Chambers, Emergency Shuttles, Filtration Systems, Quarantine System, Tram System, Bridge, Reactor, Hanger, Asteroid Defense System, Hyperdrive Engines,

(fight zombies to get to areas) (5-ish posts)

Get control of bridge (2-5 posts)
vent zombies into space (2-5 posts)
drive ship back to shipyard OR destroy ship (2-5 posts)

3-5 posts detailing 'letters' received from engineers as they review data collected and confirm that then can begin production within 4 months, after blueprints are drafted and triple checked

(Total: 50-70 posts)

Captain Larraq

[member="Ayden Cater"]

Edits completed. Made a few small changes here and there and greatly expanded on the 'planet cracking' process and the IC and OOC limitations and requirements for such events.
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