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Approved Tech Combat Cyber Limbs [CCL] Class M

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Nyos Val

The Redeemer
Intent: Nyos Val's Cybernetic Replacements. Normal limbs lost in battle. To provide a detailed description of Nyos Val's cybernetic replacements as per request of other RPers​
Development Thread: None, back story in other posts.
Manufacturer: Cyber-Tech Industries [NPC company]
Model: Military Model V
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity:Modular[Hands and Feet may be swapped for Claws and Repulsor lifts, or Clawed Feet(Grievous Style)
Production: Minor
Material: Pyronium, Titanium, Tungsten [Combined into an alloy, Limbs]/ Surgical Durasteel, Fiber-optic alloys[Eye]
Description: Limbs were designed with Military applications in mind, these limbs are built to withstand the wear and tear of combat. The metals are highly conductive and strong, allowing for the limbs to take the punishment of energy weapons, electrical damage, and melee damage. The density and high melting point of the Tungsten allow the limbs to take the punishment from increased heat and battery. The Titanium gives the 'skeletal structure' support and strength to deal with heavy lifting and physical abuse. The Pyronium is used to increase the life expectancy in the face of Force users or high firepower. Each limb contains a secondary Pyronium sub-matrix[an energy storage device]. The strength of the metals gives the wearer increased strength and durability. Usually silver/grey finish, can be painted upon request. Limbs/Modules are interchangeable WITH the proper equipment and procedure.
Eye(s) were designed to replace damaged optics or enhance existing optics. Given the durable metals and components, the eye(s) can withstand dirt, dust, smoke, and heat with little discomfort. The optic 'nerves' process more information and distance than normal eyes. Available with a Spectrum Vision option with the variable spectrum's of vision now viewable. Infrared to Ultraviolet. Power unit can be connected to other cybernetics to reduce 'Ping' between systems. Eyes are interchangeable WITH surgery.
Weight: The Titanium and Tungsten add fair amounts of weight, variable based on alloy mixture, Range of about 9kg to 13kg(20lbs to 30lbs)


Null Prime
Just a few questions:

Can you provide a link or two to the reference posts/threads?

About how much do these prosthesis weigh?

Are these detachable or permanent implants?

Modularity is listed as "Modular". What parts/components are modular? Are these capable of being customized?

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks!

Nyos Val

The Redeemer
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