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Codex Update 2.2

Zeradias Mant

Democracy Dies in Darkness
Some of you may have noticed (probably not), but over the weekend several updates in Codex went live. Much of these are relatively small, but everything is detailed for you in the patch notes below. Below are some of the bigger changes:

  • Semi-Unique is now a population option for Species.
  • All Location templates (except Geographic Landmark) now require a Security Rating.
  • Force Dead is now an option for NPC individuals.
  • Kyber crystals are now considered a Restricted Material for purposes of planet creation only.
  • NPC fleet meterage maximum increased to 20km to accommodate SSDs.
  • Planet's historical information now requires three paragraphs minimum. "Raw materials" and "ore" must be specific as to which material is being used.

Per usual, submissions which have not yet been approved will be asked to conform to the new templates and rules if they do not do so already.

The Codex team is still hard at work formulating and creating new templates, and we're nearing where we want to be with Lore! We don't have a release date yet at this time, but once we have one, we'll push it out to you all. A reminder as well, Codex has open applications if you'd like to be judge submissions as a Codex Judge. You can find more information here, and feel free to send in an application at any time whether we're advertising it or not!

2.2 Patch Notes
  • Removed Generic/Miscellaneous from Classification field in Military Base template
  • Added Semi-Unique an an option to the Estimated Population field in the Species templates
  • Added Atmosphere to the Geographic Information section of the Planet template
  • Added furries to the examples list of not conforming to the spirit of Star Wars
  • Added security rating to all Location templates with a security field
  • Added Force Dead to Force Sensitivity ratings for NPCs
  • Added Wiki link to atmosphere to Species template
  • Added Kyber crystals to list of RM only for the purpose of planet creation
  • Archived Species/Planet/Location/NPC Q&A threads
  • Added perimeter defenses to Security Ratings
  • Increased fleet template meterage limit to 20K
  • Required specific materials for exports in planet creation template
  • Added minimum description requirement for alchemized species
  • Added three paragraph minimum for historical information of planets