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Approved Tech Codex of Tython

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  • Manufacturer: Ancient Jedi Craftsman
  • Affiliation: The Jedi Praxeum | Jace Khel
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Information is capable of being added and removed, albeit with difficulty
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Ancient Bronzium, Pontite Crystal
  • Classification: Jedi Holocron
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • The History regarding the planet of Tython.
  • The location and information concerning the nine temples of the Je'daii Order.
  • A set of brief and vague overviews of the Tho Yor.
  • Information on the philosophy of balance and Ashla/Bogan.
  • The History of the Force Wars, Despot War, and War with the Infinite Empire.
  • Information on: Protosabers, Lightsabers, Forced Imbued Blades, Forcesabers, Advanced Tractor Beam technologies etc.
  • Information on the organisation, structure, and the prominent figures of the Jedi Order.
  • Information on the various orders that came together to form the Order, for example the Chatos Academy and more.
  • The record of an early Je'daii and their Great Journey and steps from their tenure as a Padawan to the Temple Master.
  • A set of information on the landmarks, flora and fauna of Tython, Ossus and other prominent Jedi Worlds.
  • A general exhaustive encyclopaedia on the Je'daii, Tython and then Jedi Order.

Eras ago the Codex of Tython was considered one of the most important and dangerous artifacts aligned with the Jedi Order. Nations tried to claim it, individuals tried to steal it, for it held the collective knowledge gathered together by the Jedi Order. Those who held and could access its knowledge would know every secret of the Jedi, their history, culture, the technological advancements of those days and more.

For a long time the Codex was considered lost, until [member=Jace Khel] and [member="Alden Belmont"] rediscovered it on Tython. Hidden away, but beckoning to those listening to the balance of the Force.

They had to go through difficult trials and tests to prove themselves worthy of it and the knowledge it contains.

Between the two of them it was decided that the Codex was too important to keep hidden away and locked behind lock and key. No, it had to be used for good, to teach a new generation of lightsiders of the errors and successes of the Jedi Order. After all, if one does not learn from past mistakes, they will be forced to make them time and time again.

Now the Jedi Praxeum hosts the Codex of Tython, open to its Jedi to study, learn and made to do better than those that had come before them. Jace and Alden serve as de facto guardians of its more dangerous secrets.

Ensuring that they do not fall in the wrong hands.


  • The Big Book: The Codex of Tython contains a wealth of knowledge regarding the Jedi Order, and Je'daii Order. Including the practices of the aforementioned orders that vary from the utilisation of the Force, and the weapons they wielded.

  • The Force, not force: Holocrons are only capable of being opened through the usage of the Force, and the Codex of Tython is like no other. It's information is only able to be read by those that are capable of utilising the Force, and cannot be used through brute force.
  • I Hate IKEA: The Codex of Tython is difficult to traverse, and comes with no instructions as to how. There is the assumption that the reader has prior knowledge on the topics and method of navigating a holocron before dealing into it's abundance of knowledge. Otherwise? It may very well prove difficult to navigate.
Not open for further replies.