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Cloud Pavillion

Nico Ike Qarmast

The Wayward of Clan Qarmast
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THe time had come... everything was set and she moved. Nico standing there in front of the mirror She was looking at the white dress standing there. She had a few helping her with it and the look while she looked downcast a little. A smile on her face holding the flowers in her hands. She knew Via had everything for herself as well.. the mandalroian and her had married in a duel ceremony... well they would have this an atrisian and grand one... but had had a private one of her poeple. Words were exchanged, hugs, kisses and now as the jedi master was moving she had a look on her face exiting the room with the others proceeding in front and behind her.

"You look beautiful cousin." The one Rali said it wearing her uniform and she had been the pilot bringing them in and would be the captain of the ship taking them around. So Nico was glad to see her before she was letting the force itself breath outwards and around herself. She looked at the assembled jedi who had come that she knew... ones who were more skilled surely but they had found the time to come. Now she just needed to wait... wait for the mandalorian bride to come and hopefully.. not being an armored wedding dress.. though that would be awesome to see and logistically could have been awesome for her family to design.