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Cloaking Ships

The Guardian walked through thr halls of the building, according to the last instructions from his, well he didn't know what the shell was called, but it had told him to acquire a stealth ship, so Guardian was doing it the old fashioned way, build yourself one. And so Guardian found himself on Maramere, acquiring a shipment of Stygium crystals for his ship. Although acquiring might be the wrong word, stealing would be more accurate. But acquiring sounded less criminal, and so that was how The Guardian thought.
The guardian's robes swayed as he walked past doors, they almost made him seem like some kind of monk. Like those Jedi. Guardian didn't dislike the jedi per se, but he did not care to look like one. It was so unproffessional to display false allegience like that. But it was not unprofessional to display possible allegience's some might not se the difference, but The Guardian did. He had been lucky to escape conflict thus far, but he would not be so lucky forever. Combat was, and always would be, inevitable. But for now, he enjoyed the peace that he was allowed, if only more people were willing to talk instead of kill, so many deaths could have been avoided.
As he turned around the corner he saw two guards, perhaps they would ignore him or not see him. But the force did no will it, "Stop there!" One of them yelled, "Hands in the air." He ordered. Guardian sighed, violence was inevitable in all situations it seemed. "Of course my friends." He said, and with that he turned around and sent a kick with years of training behind it into the mans midsection, crushing bone and armor alike. The guard was done, but the other one ran at the Guardian, obviously hoping to tackle him. Guardian stepped out of the way, letting the man hit his head on the metal wall behind him. The charge would have rendered any being hit by it unconscious, but metal was not sentient nor sapient and as such, the attacker, the guard, was knocked out cold. Both guards were down but not fattaly so, the best someone could hope for. The Guardian took their security badges for later use, and carried on walking.
The Guardian swipped the cards at a door, it opened. Countless gems of stygium his for the taking. Or so it seemed. The crystals prescense in the force felt muted, almost like normal gems. The Guardian picked up one of the smaller pieces from the ground and examined it, too late he realized it was a trap, spinning around he saw before him at least twenty guards filling the room. Undoubtedly more outside, the Guardian sighed, more combat in one day? It was so annoying to have to waste more effort clearing unneccessary obstacles. "Surely we can resolve this peacefully?" He asked.
In response, the guards primed their blasters, The Guardian sighed. Why was everyone so illogical? It was so counter productive, he listened to the ssounds of feet outside the room, the presences in the force in the room. Absorbing all the informtion he could before lashing out, using the force he encased two guards in ice, then he punched another in the face and felt the crunch of bone, breking the man's nose would take him out of the fight, he barreled into another and swung him around into the path of several blasters bolts. Then the Guardian flipped the man, slamming him into the ground. And launched a kick into the chest of another guard, ribs shattered and the man collapsed in pain. The Guardian felt a cold barrel press against the back of his head., and he dropped down knocked the man's feet out from under him, took his blaster, set it to stun, and fired rapidly three times into his head. The stun pulses would keep him out, the Guardian then stood up and stunned the last guard. Then, The Guardian left the room.
He proceeded to the security center in the middle of the building, it wasn't to hard to find, he opened the doors and inside were two guards, The Guardian raised his stolen blaster and fired twice, both men were stunned. It was almost to easy. But The Guardian really needed to get himself a new blaster soon… He then downloaded a map of the facilities to a nearby datapad and left the room. He seemed to be needing to use a lot of violence today. How, dissapointing. Well, hopefully once he procured the stygium crystal, he could finish his ship, the Crucible. It would be very useful, he could go anywhere, without having to rely on blasted public transportation. Stupid, fragging public transportation.
Savitor was brought back to the present from his thoughts about the downsides of public transportation by the sound of a door opening, another guard. With a snap hiss Savitor's saber was on, he chopped the man's arms off and stunned him with the blaster. Savitor knew Stygium was valuable, but this was getting ridiculous. At least the board believed his ruse about his ship being a prototype for a line of ships, sure it was, in a indirect way. The finished product would be nothing like the Crucible, only the outsides would remain alike. But that was irrelevant to the current job. Time to get back on task. Savitor looked at his map, two rights, left, then right again, then two more lefts and he would be at his destination.
Savitor had arrived at his destination, the crystal depot. A wall of deposit boxes lined the walls, all with different purity levels and sizes. Savitor walked down the line until he found a completely pure piece about three quarters of a meter in legth and a third that in width and depth. I have what I came for, now it is time to leave. He thought turning and walking out the doorway. He turned through the hallways regularly checking his data pad for directions. He arrived at the hangar, a rare ship was there, a Raider class corvette, Excellent. It looks beautiful, I will base the crucible off of this thing. He thought as he saw it. And then he ran to it.
He booted up the ships systems, apparently most of its crew had been replaced by droids, all the better, it would make his escape quite a bit easier, at least, Savitor hoped so. Things could still go drastically wrong, it was impossible to tell. Even at this point. But it would be all the better if Savitor succeeded, at least for him. "Aquarius, what are you doing?" The transmission was received over the commlink, it appeared that they had already detected his departure. How unfortunate, for them. "I am securing our cargo and leaving, we can't risk it being stolen." He bluffed. "Cargo? You don't have any cargo, you're a guard ship. Get back here."
What to do, what to do? Well there was only one course of action left, Savitor set the ship onto auto-pilot and left it, heading instead to a smaller ship, a starfighter. He watched as the Raider flew up and punched a hole through the closed hangar doors, this wouldn't be fun, he grimaced, but it was necessary. He started the ships engines and flew to directly under the larger ships hull, once he was clear of the hangar he flew out and away, escape was his. He reached the atmosphere and jumped to hyperspace.

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