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Cleaning Up the Books (Solo/Invite Only)


I'm Sexy and I Know It
There was only one thing and one thing only that Popo hated above all else: Doctoring the records of his businesses. Ever since a group of Force using interlopers had run amok in his space station, he'd been busy covering his rather immense backside from all of the ruckus. It wouldn't have been so bad, really, but one of the Force users had been Sith. A Sith Master to be precise.

All Popo had wanted to do was talk to the woman. Just a little chat. Find out what was going on, offer his help, offer some of his resources, and get a nice, big cut of the winnings. But no, the Sith just had to cut her losses and escape. While the Hutt didn't know whether or not the woman, tentatively identified as one @[member="Circe Savan"], would rummage through his files and data, he didn't want to take the chance. The Sith wouldn't do anything, really. Just find out his total revenue and increase taxes to the proper levels, but that would mean less profit and more expenses, which was something Popo didn't want at all. It would cut into his income and hurt his wallet. That was unacceptable to the Shell Hutt.

Popo keyed his commlink on the desk. He had to get things rolling to cover everything up before any Sith investigators came knocking.

"IT department," came a professional voice from the commlink.

"This is Popo," the Hutt said flatly. "Get your staff to my office. now."

The only reply was the click of an ended call from the other line. Popo sat back to wait. He'd trained his people that time was money. They didn't take the few seconds to acknowledge direct orders. Popo knew they'd be in his office in five minutes or less. Anything more and they'd feel his wrath...

(OOC: Just tagging you in this Circe to keep you appraised of what's going on OOC'ly. You showed IC'ly that you have access to the holonet at will, so IC'ly, Popo's playing it safe and covering his bases just in case)


I'm Sexy and I Know It
Precisely four minutes and thirty five seconds after the IT head hung up, the entire team filed into Popo's office. Popo looked over the small team of five beings, the best slicers money could buy. Three humans, all male, one Twi'lek, female, and one male - at least, Popo thought it was male - Muun. His private hacking team simply titled as his IT team. After a moment more, Popo spoke.

"A suspect earlier this week showed total and complete access to the holonet. It is believed that that individual, tentatively identified as Circe Savan, a Sith Master, may cause us trouble by divulging our revenue to the Sith Empire," Popo rumbled. He was unhappy and the IT team knew it. "Now, our goal is simple: doctor up every book we have on the Wheel. Every single thing must look pristine, shiny, and karking legit. I want it done as soon as karking possible, before the Sith send inspectors out here to look over our accounts. Do I make myself clear?"

Five heads nodded in unison, hair and twin lekku bobbing in unison.

"Good. Get to it," with that, Popo went back to his paperwork and the team of slicers filed out. Within five minutes or less, they would arrive back at their office. Within the hour, Popo would see the tailored books on his datapad. If not, he'd make an example out of one of the hackers. Perhaps the Twi'lek. There was always a market for a pretty dancer...