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Cleaning Out The Trash


Location: Cademimu V.
Objective: Find and Kill Criminal Scum.

The planet had a dark noir setting to it. Erebus could understand why he had been sent here. It represented what war did a civilisation. It was beautiful, however. Studying the landscape wasn't what he had been sent here for. He was on a lackies mission; something that was beneath him. However, it allowed him to get outside. That was a plus.

The large mechanical body featured a set of identical sabers at his belt. A long khaki cloak covered his metallic body, moving along the rooftops of the Imperial Outpost. There had been rumours that a creature had been taking dead bodies and the like. A curious crime, also stealing ammunition and armaments from the Outposts. Whilst he wasn't silent, he was fast and big, his brown cloak reaching the ground before he did. Not far from his current position; he could hear the rumbling of voices. Immediately leaping into action. Erebus landed atop the building adjacent from said building that had two distinct figures trying to break into it. Finding the culprits @[member="Kayvaan Niveus"] and @[member="Trux Ensis"] had not been difficult. They were amatuer, however Erebus took note of a staff like weapon on Kayvaan's back. He would return the weapon to his master as a trophy, and the helmet that sat upon the gold plated armour that Trux was clad in. Erebus creeped along the edges of the buildings surrounding the two, then getting as close as he could without drawing attention. He used his robotic feet to walk down the building opposite them now. However as he drew closer the crunches of his feet against the raw metal of the buildings could be heard for yards ahead. The two had more than likely took note of his presence by now.

Stopping on the wall, he bent his legs into a position ready for a propelling motion. His two seeable hands reaching down to his belt as he took two sabers in the massive grips of his hands. Ready to body slam either of the two by propelling himself on them; or deflect blaster bolts with his sabers. One massive red unblinking eye stared right through the two culprits; ready to strike.

Kayvaan Niveus

It was now probably the sixth ... no the seventh time Kayvaan and Trux were stealing from this outpost and even though Kayvaan hated it, he had no other choice. He had spent all his money on hiring Trux Ensis and coming to Cademimu, where he wanted to collect the bounty on a criminal he had been trying to catch for quite a while now. However when he had arrived on Cademimu it turned out that the criminal had fled for Hoth long ago. Kayvaan and Trux had wanted to chase after him, but the ship they had arrived in was damaged in a spaceport and now they had to wait until it gets repaired. During that time they had to steal from some outposts because none of them had any money left. Trux had spent all his money on the ship-repair, while Kayvaan had spent all the money he had left on food for two days. So then they had started stealing. Kayvaan was usually against such things, but he had had no other choice. It was either steal or die and dying was the last thing both of them had wanted.

They were now on another one of their missions. This time they had decided to do it as stealthy as possible, since last time Trux had been detected and had to shoot a couple of security guards. Kayvaan had hated that moment when Trux shot them. It went against everything Kayvaan stood for, but they had no other choice. But now was not the time to think about what had happened, it was time to pull this off without alarming any guards. For that Kayvaan had been scouting ever since the two had entered the outpost. He had been warning Trux every time a security guard was close by, so that they could hide from them or avoid them and after a while they had finally reached their destination. Once they were near the building they tried to get in trough the window near the backdoor, but Kayvaan had stopped and looked around. Something was there. Something that was not here a couple of moments ago. Then he heard loud footsteps. They were coming from above. He looked up and there it was. A man apparently made of metal was descending towards him. ''We've got company.'' He said, tapping Trux on the shoulder and pointing towards the man. Trux immediately drew his blasters and sent out a volley towards the man, hoping it would take care of him so that they could continue their mission.



Erebus propelled forward, the sabers spinning on the joint of the wrist. Making a wall of saber's deflecting the blasters. Erebus launched through the air, landing a few metres in front of @[member="Trux Ensis"]. His blades spinned in spirals of all angles, slicing the man into several tiny little pieces; then, turning his focus to the true culprit, he brought down his blades upon the current opponent. Erebus would kill this rebel scum, quickly and efficiently.

@[member="Kayvaan Niveus"]