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Approved Tech CL-01 lightsaber

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Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."

Actually, all these are mine. I made it. Me. I did.
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[2x saber]
Intent: To create unique lightsabers for Jak
Development Thread: If deemed necessary
Manufacturer: Jak Sandrow
Model: Custom tooled sabers
Affiliation: Jak Sandrow
Modularity: Crystals, can mag-link together
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel hilt, crystals, necessary components
Description: The completely unique design has its strengths and drawbacks. The point of having a forward pointing blade, instead of an upright blade, is to provide a faster attack reflex. Its orientation means that, with a flick of the wrist, the saber can whip up to parry a blow. However, due to physics and all, this also means that it is extremely hard on the wrist and lower arm. The user has to either have a superb grip, or constantly shift position on the opponent's blade in order to maintain a block. The point of these blades is not to have an all-out saber brawl. The point is to hit light, fast, and repeatedly.
Physical distinctions: The saber's darker grip is a vulcanized rubber sole, best suited to holding a wrist block. The grip allows for a firm hold in wrist-straining situations. There are two magnetic clamps (shown) that can interlock with its opposing blade, making an easily rotatable two-handed blade. The double blade is able to be spun around a small radius, easily allowing for blaster bolt deflection. While normal sabers must be repeatedly spun in the grip, this saber only has to be turned over (multiple times).
Its ignition switch, though not instantly visible, is simply an internal mechanism - a Force tap to turn a switch from off to on, or back again. This allows for constant ignition even when distracted from using the Force, yet prevents NFUs from turning it on behind his back.
Classification: Lightsabers
Size: Two one-handed lightsabers
Length: 0.2 m (unlit), 1.4 m (lit)
Weight: 0.74 kg
Other Features: Grips are removeable, and hollow - to contain either a power source in the saber, or, say, secret something or others when removed. This allows for a more comfortable grip when the sabers are joined.
Not open for further replies.