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Approved Tech Cisna

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I'm Sexy and I Know It

Intent: to create a versatile and unique weapon/utility tool for use by Tenloss Corp/Syndicate and for sale on the closed market
Canon Link: N/A
Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: Tenloss Corporation, Tenloss Syndicate, Closed Market
Model: Cisna
Modularity: None
Production: Mass Production

Material: Alusteel, Durasteel, electronic components, and other weapon construction materials


Classification: Wrist weapon/Wrist rocket/Grappling hook
Size: Small
Weight: Very Light
Ammunition Type: Cryoban cartridge, wrist rocket, grappling hook
Ammunition Capacity:

  • Cryoban blast - 1 shot

  • Wrist rocket - 2 shots

  • Grappling hook - Reusable

Reload Speed:

  • Cryoban blast - Very slow

  • Wrist rocket - Slow

  • Grappling hook - None (reusable/retractable)

Effective Range:

  • Cryoban blast - Point Blank

  • Wrist Rocket - Average

  • Grappling Hook - Average

Rate of Fire:

  • Cryoban Blast - Very low

  • Wrist Rocket - Low

  • Grappling Hook - Very Low

Stopping Power:

  • Cryoban/Wrist Rockets - Extreme

  • Grappling Hook - Average

Recoil: Very High


  • Utilitarian


  • Can potentially freeze targets

  • Useful against vehicles, defenses, etc utilizing wrist rockets

  • Compact, easy to use, wrist mounted grappling hook with line.

  • Bladed grappling hook is externally mounted which makes it okay as an ad hoc improvised melee weapon


  • Relatively short range for most uses

  • Only long range use causes explosions which is unpleasant to use at close ranges

  • Low ammunition makes this a last ditch weapon

  • Slow reload ensures this is a last ditch weapon


Designed primarily as a compact grappling hook and line, the Cisna embodies one of Tenloss’ nearest and dearest concepts: what if we put guns on it?

The Cisna features a single, wide blast cryoban blaster that sports enough charge for one shot and a pair of wrist rockets capable of taking out vehicles, defenses, clusters of enemy troops, and the occasional chasing police speeder. Simple strap the wrist attachment on and it's as easy as pointing and shooting. The bladed grappling hook is also externally mounted, which makes the Cisna an okay tool for the odd swing in melee or to help keep assets and underlings in line in a pinch.

Unfortunately, the weapon has a low ammo count and an even slower reload time making it less than ideal as a primary or even secondary weapon. As a support weapon and utility tool, or to just look like a your a professional thug with a little cash to throw around, the Cisna is the perfect item to compliment any choice of thug or gang oriented attire!
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