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Cilnaas clan Khim'bar


Cilnaas clan Khim'bar


NAME: Cilnaas clan Khim'bar
FACTION: Sith Empire (soon)
AGE: 27
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 3"
WEIGHT: 131 lbs
EYES: Black
HAIR: None
SKIN: Steel gray


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Force Sensitive: Cilnaas is, in fact, Force sensitive, although she keeps her mouth shut, as she doesn't want to become a Jedi. This means that she has little knowledge of how to use the Force, but knows how to extend her senses to be more aware of her surroundings. (S)
Natural Advantages: Noghri are masters of stealth, have a sense of smell so accute they can smell bloodlines, and claws. Cilnaas is a Noghri, so shared all of these abilities and "upgrades". (S)
Combat Competent: While best at hide-and-fade assassinations, Cilnaas can hold her owned in sustained combat, albeit not indefinitely. (S)
Decent Medic: She'll patch you up, but don't expect her to be much help if the injury is beyond a broken limb beyond a recommendation for bacta. (S)

Honorable: Cilnaas cannot be bribed or swayed. Unfortunately, some people don't take no for an, ow. She considers blackmail and bribery to be the worst sort of treachery (S/W)
Loyal: Cilnaas will not abandon her comrades or allies without doing everything - and I mean everything - she can to save them. (S/W)
Painfully Crafty: Cilnaas can take your words, twist them around, and shoot you in the face with them. This can backfire though - if she forgets exactly how she twisted words, they could end up shooting her in the face! (S/W)

Deadpan: Cilnaas has a Noghri's sense of humor - which is to say, none. She takes everything at face value, so suggestions, hints, and subtle nudges just wash over her. (W)
Short: When you're five-foot-three, there's a lot of things you can't reach... (W)
Obviously Alien: This is one Noghri who's not going to blending into Alderaan's political court anytime soon. She stands out - or down - when surrounded by humans. (W)
Really bad with anything except knives: Don't trust her with anything except knives. You will be killed because of horrible aim. (W)
Horrible Pilot: See above for recommendations concerning piloting. She has, in fact, been known to crash during takeoff. Of a landspeeder. (W)
Cilnaas's Past: Cilnaas has trouble leaving her past behind, feeling a sense of failure for the deaths of her comrades and for walking into the trap so willingly. (W)
Horrible Pilot: Do I really need to say anything else? She can't fly a ship. Period. (W)

No. For the love of all that is holy, no.

Cilnaas's parents were members of the clan Khim'bar. Like many other young Noghri of her clan, she was trained as an assassin and bodyguard. Though she did surprisingly well as a bodyguard (although not great), the young Noghri's specialty was assassination, and joined the Death Commandos at the age of twenty-one. Her squad, of which she was the leader, developed something of a reputation among their peers, for their rigid honor, loyalty, and stain-free record. Unless, of course, you counted bloodstains. They didn't.

One last assignment sent Cilnaas's life into chaos.

Her clanswoman, Ysimrah, sent her squad on an assignment to Ord Mantell, to dispatch a scrapyard manager who was causing problems. Problem is, the whole mission was a setup. Cilnaas killed the traitor Ysimrah, but was forced to flee after the death of the rest of her squad. To this day, Cilnaas works as an enforcer in the scrapyards, although because of her small size, she is more of an object of abuse, pushed and shoved around. Because she is forbidden by her employer to kill any of the workers, she cannot punish them they way she wishes to, and although a few of the rougher ones have knife scars to remember her by, Cilnaas almost always sports cuts and bruises. As a result, she has become more bitter and hardened, and is more prone to lashing out, while clinging ever tighter to the ideals and code that carried her through her days as a Death Commando.

A predator's rage can only be cooped up so long…and soon, she will snap. It's just a matter of who will bear the force of her anger...and how she will survive the repercussions.

Sith Empire: Secret Apprentice

After loosing her temper on the job and killing on of the workers, the others ganged up on her. Cilnaas expected to be killed or badly injured, but a looming giant of an alien stepped in and killed the other workers in an impressive display of skill. As she owed her life to him, she pledged herself to the giant alien. To prove her worth, she was sent to kill another of the alien's kind. The success led to her being imparted the Graug language and being taken on as Krag's secret apprentice to be trained as his weapon.

Ysimrah clan Khim'bar (NPC)
Graug warrior (NPC)



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