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Church (Red Devil Cartel)

Red Draft Cantina

[member="Jim Pehico"]
[member="Marcus Collier"]
[member="Zai Avery"]

Hala swirled her drink around in her glass and glanced across the table with an intense look. The lot of them were here because they'd proven themselves worthy and because they had stepped up and shown that they had what it took to own Nar Shaada's streets.

But pressure was rising on them. Despite a brief respite after taking the bar, and locking down the street, beggars row, the Hutts wanted their poodoo back. And what they wanted they had usually gotten, until now. The Nar Shaada Originals had made quite a dent in their operations.

She cleared her throat and set down the data pad, righting her vest with two patches on it. One read President. The other read Nar Shaada Originals.

The rest of them had gotten similar patches for their vests, at her expense except now they were bleeding credits.

"Gentlemen, Ladies, scum of the planet what have you. I officially call together this meeting. As of now Marcus has been appointed Master at Arms. Marcus here ya go!"

She tossed him another name tape, that had his new position sewn across it and winked.

"We got a couple of items on the agenda, and not a lot of time so here goes. Jimmy, I kno you been enjoying all you can drink, but now's the time to pay up buddy. Zai, B'kik, you guys have been doing great holding down the security on the street."

She opened a holo projection.

"Problem is the Hutt's want their poodoo back. In addition to that we cant take 'em head on just yet. We need more bodies. To do this we got a choice. We can either recruit harder, or get some infamy. One idea I had is that we got a lead on a Hutt Convoy coming down seventy fifth and sixth. Loaded with creds. We hit em their and take their money, or....."

She flicked her hand changing the screen and slumped back.

"We can try and patch over some other swoop gangs by force. That one might be bloody though, and require a ton of bar fights."

She glanced at Marcus and nodded.

"The fighting is your department Marcus, I leave that to you. As for the rest of you item two is staff. I'm nominating Jim for Vice President, and Zai you for treasurer. That should fill us out nicely. What do you say?"
Finding a bit of solace in seeing the bottom of his glass Marcus glanced over to Hala as she began the meeting. All of the members of the Red Devil Cartel had been summoned for a session at church, meaning it was not optional to attend. Glancing to the bottle of whiskey in between Hala and himself he took it into his hands, filling his glass back to it's preferred state. Just as he set the bottle down he watched Hala throw a new patch towards him, he caught the small piece of fabric in his hand with a smirk.

"Giving me gifts already prez? Keep it up and the others will get jealous." Stuffing the patch into his pocket he slammed a hand onto the table with a smirk. "I accept."

As Hala continued through with the meeting Marcus could not help but interject when she spoke on taking down the Hutt's. "Hutt's have a lot of pull on this planet. Although it wouldn't be the best way for them to do things they could wipe us out if they wanted. I think we should try our best not to antagonize them anymore than we already have. For now, let's take on some rival swoopers, crack a few skulls and they'll patch over fast enough."

Hala revealed her plans as far as staffing and Marcus simply shrugged, not knowing enough about either of them to support or deny their claims. "Sounds good to me."

[member="Hala Jast"]


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
" Zai for treasurer. Baa must be kidding right. Zai hardly has enough toineepa to sooga himself. Ra'ti He eats here because he can't afford to nye sooga anywhere else"
B'kik just couldn't understand what hala was thinking offering zai a job that he would clearly suck at.
[member="Marcus Collier"] @B'kik [member="Zai Avery"] [member="Kitty"] [member="Jim Pehico"]

Hala nodded, slamming her drink and pouring another three finger serving before placing the bottle back in the groups general arena. B'kik took a little offence so she grinned. Competition was good, she needed her people sharp. Especially since they were the new kids on the block going up against older elements.

Black Suns, Hutt Cartel, maybe even a few stray Black Tie Syndicate elements led by [member="Miss Blonde"].

"Alright then B'kik, since you got a lot to say spit it out. What you got against Zai?"

She was fanning the flames. But fanning them would draw out a debate, which is what she wanted.

"I'm inclined to agree with Marcus. Patchover might be bloody, but we can put off the payroll hit until we get more numbers."
Jim looked over to the group, Him being VP was more than an obvious choice, He was charismatic, deadly, and above all loyal.

Jim walked over to Hala Jast and said "I'm honored for your nomination." Jim then raised Hala's hand and kissed it. Always the charmer, he was.

Jim then stood on a chair, grabbed his flask from the inside of his coat and raised it.

"Here's to the soon to be infamous Hala Jast." Jim said to the crowd. "May she and the Red Devil Cartel prosper." he took a sip of the lum and started passing it around the room.
[member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Kitty"] [member="Marcus Collier"] @B'kik [member="Zai Avery"]

Hala smirked and then slapped Jim on the arm.

"Kill the smooches Romeo. If no one objects here."

She pulled another name tape from her pocket and slapped it down on the table. This one read Vice President. She raised an eyebrow and poured a shot of Corellian ale into a shot glass and then one for her own passing it to Jim.

"I hope you understand the responsibility being placed upon you jim. You're my right hand, and Marcus!"

She poured another shot, passing it to him.

"You're my left. Gentlemen!"

Then she slammed hers and dropped the glass klinking to the table. The others of course still had to pick but she was confident they'd go with her recommendation. Except for the Jawa who was real buttthurt about the Zai thing. She was still waiting to hear his response so she poured another shot for him and shoved it B'kiks way.

"What's up dude, Tusken got your tongue?"
Marcus couldn't help but chuckle at the jawa and his rather incoherent speech pattern. Downing the last of his drink he nodded towards Hala when she said she agreed with his plan. "Look, first thing after the meeting I'll take a ride around and see what's out there. I'm sure we can find some small flies to munch on before moving into the big leagues."

Once Jim put his flask in rotation Marcus found himself being the first recipient. Raising the flask towards the man he inclined his head respectfully. "To the Prez and VP, may you grow rich, ugly, and fat." He teased, taking a nice sized drink from the flask before passing it over to B'kik. "Here runt, this should put some hair on your....cloak."

Nodding at Hala as she passed him a shot he could not help but take a shot at her. "Careful prez, you seem like al ight weight and I'd hate for you to be drunk first day on the job." He commented, downing his shot with a treasured smirk.

[member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Hala Jast"] @B'kik
[member="Marcus Collier"]

"Don't even bet on it guy. I grew up a spacer in dens of scum an' villainy. Just for that your punishment is another shot."

To which she poured another for him and herself and then pushed it across the table, waiting for the other folks to chime in.

"Do it."

Then she slammed it, and felt the fire burst through her veins. There was a reason the Roughest folks came from Corellia. Partially because they lead shitty lives. And the other part? They had the bombest liqour in the galaxy, and the most pricey mind you.
Jim slammed down the Corellian Ale, Sure it wasn't as strong as his lum, but it was still alcohol.

"Boss-lady, I'm just wondering what do you need me to do?" Jim said quizzically.

[member="Hala Jast"]
[member="Jim Pehico"]

Hala grinned.

"Simple, advise me, and lead in my stead if I fall in battle. Plus try and keep a handle on things and help me keep track of it all. Think you can do that lover boy?" She asked, winking.


The Attention Seeker
Thankfully Kitty didn't wake from her catnap with a hangover. She didn't drink anywhere near enough alcohol to get her dehydrated enough for that. She didn't know how in the sith she ended up where she was though. Somehow she ended up joining a start up gang. She might not have the headache but her memories were fuzzy and she was very confused. She supposed this was probably good for her. It would give her something to do and she needed the credits anyways. She had hit a brick wall in which the money she was getting from her company wasn't enough to fund the experiments going on.

Kitty's corner of the table was quiet as she sat silently listening to the others discuss what their next course of action was. As it went on the sense of new and inexperienced grew. She may not know much about gangs and such but she had been a part of many aggressive operations as she'd chose to word it. Images of the day the sith assassins were attacked by the jedi and pushed out of their head quarters flashed into her mind. Kitty had lost her home that day as well as friends. These guys had no idea the hardships their ambition would cause them. She supposed it was a shame to think too much on that though. Their naive enthusiasm brought a smile to her face.

The young Felecatian supposed if she was going to be hanging out with this group she should get to know everyone. Althought everyone seemed to already know everbody's names. Hala in particular almost seemed to already be well acquainted with everyone and especially with Marcus seeing as he was being granted the title of master of arms despite her not recalling them having any interaction prior.

The man voted as VP offered some Lum to everyone but Kitty politely refused. She made a vow she was well aware she would probably break eventually; not to have alcohol again.

"Pardon me I've been a bit out of it and seemed to have missed the introductions. I also don't think I've introduced myself I don't think at least, so I suppose I'll start with that. My name is Kitty and.....well there isn't much for me to say, I'm actually not that interesting. I suppose I could mention I am affiliated with the sith, but I fear you'd all draw some incorrect conclusions about me as a result. So pretend you don't know that."

[member="Hala Jast"]
[member="Marcus Collier"]
[member="Jim Pehico"]
[member="Kitty"] [member="Marcus Collier"] @B'kik [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Zai Avery"]

Hala glanced across the table and nodded.

"Well Kitty to be real with you I could care less if you are a Sith or not. I once ran a Mercenary ship and we had plenty of forcers aboard."

She noted that she hadn't accepted the drink, but that was her choice and the Pres. couldn't fault her for that. That was her choice and hers alone. She had noted her Sabers as well during the initial taking of the bar which served as their clubhouse and HQ. Most of it seemed for show, but she wanted to see the feline woman in action.

"This is Marcus, Jim, B'kik, Zai and I'm Hala, though we already met."
Jim smirked "I can do anything you want and more, baby." Jim said playfully. That was simple enough. Jim was ready for whatever this galaxy threw at him now the he knows the Red Devil Cartel's got his back.
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
A few drinks passed by Zai but he ignored them for now. He was a lightweight and knew better than to mix business with pleasure. He would have to catch up later.

Hala Jast said:
I'm nominating Jim for Vice President, and Zai you for treasurer.

Zai clapped for Jim but was surprised to hear his own nomination. He was about to speak up when B'kik interrupted.

B'kik said:
" Zai for treasurer. Baa must be kidding right. Zai hardly has enough toineepa to sooga himself. Ra'ti He eats here because he can't afford to nye sooga anywhere else"

Zai frowned. He had becoming better and better at understanding the Jawa but he wasn't sure that was a good thing.

"I won't deny it, I've been loose with money before but never when it belonged to someone else and only ever when I had too much of it." Zai said, pushing away the bar snacks he was picking at, hoping that would reinforce his point.

"My droid companion is programmed with upgraded financial hardware more than capable of running the calculations for the entire cartel".

He thought about it for a minute. "However I'm terrible at finding a good deal, I've been told I have a habit of taking the lowest bid. B'kik runs his own business, he'd probably be better suited. Either that or B'kik and I pool resources, he buys the materials and I oversee retrofits, manage the payroll and the acquisition of vehicles and weaponry".

He took a swing of Lum, wincing as it burned down his throat. "Up to you boss, whatever you decide I'm fine with. In the end it's hard to trust one person with the money so whoever has it will be watched...very...closely" he said the last two words very deliberately while staring at B'kik.

[member="Hala Jast"]


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
"Look zai Ikee doubt the fellas here trust a jawa so congrats"
B'kik placed down what seemed to be a golden e-5
"As a gift I offer baa this fine blaster at half the price. So 5000 credits"
Ikee will allow baa to use cartel funds to purchase loo blaster
Marcus watched the exchange between the two with minimal interest until the topic of shifted funds was voiced. "Anyone caught skimming money will die, obviously. So if your temptation will get the best of you I wouldn't take the job." Downing the rest of his glass Marcus gestured towards Hala with an arched brow. "What's your verdict Prez?"

While Hala contemplated Marcus took notice of the feline female who had entered the room, she spoke of working with the Sith, something the man didn't care much for but it wasn't reason enough to call her out.

@B'kik @Zai Avery [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Hala Jast"]
[member=Kitty] [member="Marcus Collier"] @B'kik [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Zai Avery"]

Hala grimaced deep in thought and swirled the contents of her crystal glass yet again and then nodded.

"Ok I've reached a decision. B'kik gets it, since he already runs a business. Kai you can work closely with him. And Marcus is correct, cross us and you'll soon find yourselves meeting an untimely end."

She scrawled a few notes in her data pad and turned her attention back to Marcus.

"Find me some potential gangs to patch over by the end of the week. I aim to move quick, so small fries are probably best for now. Once we get more bodies in the Chapter we can then move on to other things, like hitting the Hutt Pay Speeders."

Then she nodded to Kitty and Jim.

"I'm coming up with a new idea for some slicing software as well as a ship design. Find me a small bank we can test it on. That pretty much wraps everything up for now. So if no one else has got anything, I got some speeders to mess with."

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