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Private Children of Shiraya: Then Buds the Ardor

Brandyn Sal-Soren

a s p i r e

Age: 16 - Event: Family Vacation - Planet: Naboo
The only thing even remotely interesting about the family holiday to Lake Country was that Brandyn had heard rumour that Cybelle Elyance was going to be in the area as well. The grapevine of the 'help' at Evenfall proved to be extremely efficient in its information gathering. It had been some time since they had seen each other, having played a considerable amount as children and caught a few passing glimpses and waves to one another. Since she had taken up residence with the Jedi on Naboo, Cybelle had been like a ghost. It was unfortunate. She had been one of Brandyn's and Briana's closest friends up to just a few years earlier. Brandyn still had a sneaking suspicion that his father had something to do with her visits ceasing.

Pushing that all aside, Brandyn clambered up the near spongey knoll after having balanced across a few precarious rocks in the water. The moss and grass underfoot conformed perfectly to his feet, leaving an imprint that outlined his feet in all their bare glory. The roar of the waterfalls around him were almost deafening, and would surely leave a ringing in his ears later. The scent was of pure clean air, and just a hint of...fungus? Or was that mint?

He reached the top of the knoll, only to find another adventure ahead of him. There was a series of smaller hills down the other side of the one he had just climbed, dotting in a partial crescent shape. They lead to a mossy outcropping that emerged from the waterfall. If he could make it there, maybe he could pass through the waterfall and see what was behind it. His eyes lit up with the potential danger of it all. He only hoped that Hisashi Hisashi wasn't watching from some hidden locale, though Brandyn had to admit that slipping away from the bodyguard had proven oddly easy this time around. Perhaps he had been distracted by Aunt Mina again?

Lowering himself into a squat, Brandyn slid down the side of the hill until he came to its edge. The rocks now seemed a little further away than he had anticipated. And they were likely quiet slippery. He glanced down. The water was clear, showing a decent depth, but rocks of varying sizes and at random depths below the gently flowing water's surface. With a scratch of his head, and a shrug of his shoulders, Brandyn dismissed the concerns that nipped at his mind, and trusted the hubris of youth without question.

"Right...so...maybe something with the Force?"

He had no training. He barely had an idea of what the Force was. There were times he had done things by accident, and had been able to make small objects float from time to time. But could the Force help him jump further like the Jedi in the Holo-films? He was about to find out.

He crouched, focusing his mind on his legs. Nothing seemed to happen. No feeling. No sensation. But maybe it was a matter of trust. Just trust that the Force would do its thing? Sure. Sounded right.

Brandyn jumped, and quickly realized that he was not going to make it, at least, not feet first. The impact on his chest took his breath away, and his hands failed to make any substantial grip on the small, slippery moss covered rock. He slipped back, head spinning from the impact, but knew well enough that he was sliding towards a short fall into the water below.