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Cherith-Class Corvette Carrier (C4)


Corvette Support Heavy Starfighters


Intent: To create a Corvette for the Fel Imperium that will fill the role of Support and will carry a high amount of Starfighters.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Dunno yet
Affiliation: Fel Imperium
Modularity: No
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Alusteel, Plexalloy
Description: This corvette was designed to fill the role of a Starfighter Carrier. It has medium firepower, but where it excels is it's Hangar capacity. It can carry up to 20 Fighters/Bombers which can be easily deployed during combat situations.
Classification: Corvette
Role: Carrier
Height: 50 m
Width: 110 m
Length: 190 m
Power Core Reactor: solar ionization reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0
Minimum Crew:
- 1 Captain
- 4 Bridge officers
- 40 Other crew
- 5 Engineers
- 20 Pilots
Optimal Crew:
- 1 Captain
- 1 2iC
- 8 Bridge officers
- 60 Other Crew
- 25 Engineers
- 25 Pilots
- 2 quad laser emplacements
- 2 turbolasers
20 fighters/Bombers
Non-combative attachments:
Passenger Capacity: 20 P
Cargo Capacity: 1000 T
Consumables: 1 Year
Sublight speed and Maneuverability: Class 5

Well, my first ever corvette. Gimme some constructive criticism peeps.


Like Lightning
All I can say is to add more description to the ship, Like, why did you have a smaller amount of firepower? and how can it hold more? And what are some Pros and Cons that come with it. Maybe it is faster than others because it has lower weapons?

As for the non combative attachments, You can add thins like shields, and escape pods. Even a navigation system. Long range, or short range sensors.

New Killer Star
Yeah, I'd make a corvette that has a few laser turrets to make it clear out a screen of missiles or star fighters and just have it launch fighters out and kind of act like a really fast nest. Also... I know in Star Wars books (read here as 'X-Wing Novels') The squadrons run with 12, three flights of four pilots.

I'd move the carry capacity up to 24, thats two full squadrons.

Bombers of course would need more carry space,

Maybe do something where its 2 Space Sup/Interceptor Squads or 1 Bomber Squad and extra support craft (blast boats and the like)

Just an idea @[member="Zrs'fes"]
Just another face.
This image is already being used. If you need help getting your first ship submission done, I advise checking out this thread. This is how you will need to base all of your Starship designs from and use it in making vessels.