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Chat while Hospitilized

Toa while in SJO'S shuttle was getting meditated on after getting his hands cut off by a mysterious Jedi. Even though Toa injured the Jedi, it didn't come to as much damage as getting your hands cut off. He noticed his master sitting beside him in the bed.

Toa's master was stunned with a stun-gun and got hit with a lightsaber, in which he was in great health for what happened.

Toa leaned on his back while getting medical treatment, and looked over at Zriknot.

"Master, is that you?"
[member="She Zriknot"]

She Zriknot

Mayor of Pavv
Zriknot opened his eyes, he looked at his former apprentice right next to him

"What happened?"

[member="Vee Toa"]