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Charon's Ramblings

Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Because I can't use Skype on the ships computers.

Discussion topic: People who use real-world caliber bullets for Star Wars slugthrowers.

Maybe it's just me, but I get the distinct feeling a 7.62x39 bullet would do jack-all to most armor in Star Wars. In fact I would imagine conventional ballistics would be generally pretty ineffective. Increasing the size of the round is viable I suppose, 12.7mm (the Russian .50) rifles everywhere would certainly pack a punch, assuming you had a way to manage the recoil and such.

But .223? It's a light but high velocity round. But high velocity compared to a blaster? I don't think so, and if blasters are known to be ineffective against certain types of armor, surely the bullet from an M16 is like a spitball.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
The Hek'Lar Kok weapons are using copying their real world counterparts pretty straight. Just makes me wonder about if there's any established set of rules or something on how effective ballistics are vs. Star Wars armor and such.

I mean I have an archaic-style RPG doing no practical damage to a soldier in Force Recon armor (but still killing him because of concussion and breaking his neck). That's based partially on the fact that a near miss with a classic RPG-7 with a standard round (HEAT) is actually not terribly dangerous to your modern soldier, much less a guy in full bodyarmor made from Sci-Fi materials.

So in an encounter, i'd likely have conventional small-caliber rifle rounds just bounce off the armor. But I imagine that would get frowned up rather quickly. Hence my curiosity.

Something like bolters or railgun-style rifles is a different story, of course. I guess the fascination with the standard-style ballistics is pretty normal for a webforum RP, even if they're explicitly stated to be inferior to just-as-cheap blasters.

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
Bolters exist. Admittedly with a smaller calibre than in 40k, but pretty efficient especially in the Mark One version.

Moira kept hers from her OP days. Well, she probably took several with her. Firemane Industries produces and sells them.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
Im getting anxious about the AT-SA now. Maybe like, ive been tagged as one of THOSE people, and everyones just avoiding my submission. >.>

Probably im just paranoid.