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Character creation: Mesh'la Hondor

Mesh'la Hondor


NAME: Mesh'la Hondor
FACTION: Mandalorians
RANK: None
AGE: 24
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'0" (~1.82m)
WEIGHT: 175 lbs (~79.3kg)
EYES: Light Blue
HAIR: Blondish to light brown
SKIN: White
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Ace Pilot: In his early years Mesh'la became almost obsessed with becoming a master pilot. As such he spent endless hours both in a flight simulator and on various speeders honing his skill. The end result being his exceptional piloting ability. In fact, he claims to be able to fly just about anything with an engine.
Level Headed: Not one to jump into a situation half cocked, Mesh'la takes time to consider his course of action, but once he has he sticks to it unwaveringly.
Strong Willed: Mesh'la, like many Mandalorains, has a strong will and does not lightly defer to another. Naturally, this strength is also a weakness of his when taken to an extreme.
Independent: Mash'la prefers to work alone as he feels he can get everything done by himself as he need only rely on himself and not others who may inadvertently screw up a plan.

Stubborn: Stemming from his independence a strong will: once Mesh'la has something set in his mind it'll take an awful lot to sway him from his path, even if said path is not the most advisable one.
Outwardly Callous: As a result of his year and a half survival training on Yavin 4 Mesh'la came to view emotions as a weakness and as such shuts out emotions, which can make him come across as uncaring even when he may care quite a lot.
Independent: Both a strength and a weakness for Mesh'la. As mentioned earlier his independence allows him to work well by himself. However, the flip side of this is that he does not often enjoy, or want to work with others, which is ultimately detrimental to him as a whole.

Lesser hand to hand skills: Mesh'la has spent much of his time fighting with a weapon of some sort and as a result is rather useless when it comes to hand to hand combat.

Mesh'la has a rather light build, but is deceptively strong as a result of his training as a Mandalorian warrior, which also graced him with a well toned body overall. His often sports a fair amount of stubble, but will occasionally go clean shaven if need be. His everyday attire usually consists of a black leather jacket under which he wears a lightweight T-shirt of varying colors. To compliment this look Mesh'la almost exclusively wears combat pants that have a worn blue hue to them and allow for mobility above all else. To top it off the Mandalorian also wears sturdy combat boots despite not being in combat all the time. An odd quirk that Mesh'la has in his dressing habits is that he has a fondness for hats and will often wear any one that strikes his fancy. Oddly enough Mesh'la has only one small scar about an inch long on his right cheek from his time on Yavin 4. Otherwise his skin is spotless.

Mesh'la was born on the home planet of the Mandalorians, Mandalore, to two loving parents. Growing up the Mandalorian did not face many hardships save for in his studies. Naturally, like most Mandalorians, Mesh'la received combat training, but was also coupled with a rather expanse education in the finer points of life such as literature, from which Mesh'la picked up a love for poetry, and mathematics. During Mesh'la's teen years he became intrigued with space flight and piloting. In essence, Mesh'la's life from the age of five to the age of nineteen was comprised of a never ending cycle of learning and training, not much different from any other Mandalorian as per their warrior culture.

Shortly after turning twenty Mesh'la was sent to the forested moon of Yavin 4. It was here that he called home for a year and a half with no contact from anyone. During his time on Yavin 4 the Mandalorian became and adept survivor and honed his personal independence that would make him the man he is. After a year and a half the he returned to Mandalore and a dead father. His father had died while Mesh'la had survived on Yavin 4. Apparently his father's dying wish was that Mesh'la help the Mandalorian cause in anyway possible. Residing on Mandalore for another year or so Mesh'la came to terms with his father's death and resolved to carry out his father's dying wish. Thus, like all Mandalorians, he became a warrior for the Mandalorians and was ready to advance his people-whatever it may be. In Mesh'la's case this was most certainly the calling of a pilot.





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