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[Chapter Seven] Devil's Dance

He had journeyed long and far across the Galaxy, trudged through sodden jungles, stood within the Tombs of Legend, he had brought down beasts, sunk into the depths of the void... The boy within was slowly dying, and the beast was making itself known.

Hunting had become a fond pastime of his since his return to [member='Darth Carnifex']. It mattered not the creature, nor their origin, he longed to bring them down all the same. Some ended up on his table, others had proven tasteless.

The days quarry likely fell into the latter. For weeks now he had followed the trail, half way across the Galaxy; he had chased the being down to the Atravis Sector, to a world of fire and brimstone, where the air was heavy and the ground was hot. Even from space he could see the magma swirling, threatening to bubble to the surface.

His eyes narrowed, before he pushed the Haunter down toward the surface of Mustafar. Already the boy found himself in the predators mindset, it was hard to shake once he caught scent of his quarry. A being known only as [member='Janos']. A bounty? Not exactly... Just a face in the Galaxy somebody wanted extinguished.

It was not like Kobe to carry out the dirty work of anyone other than Kaine... But he had been deprived of the hunt for a while now, while tending to his studies. He longed to sink his teeth into something new.

And this burning world would prove to be the point of contention.
Janos walked around this world of ash and fire. He knew something or perhaps someone was watching him. It had began a few days ago, Janos would feel something in the force. Warnings here and there….at first Janos dismissed it as paranoia but it soon became clear that something was watching him.

He was forced to travel halfway across the galaxy in an attempt to throw him off his trail. He had utilized almost every teaching and lesson that his father had gifted him. Unfortunately, these tactics would only slow down the inevitable.

Janos had to confront this mysterious stranger. Was he a sith assassin sent by [member="Krest"]? Unlikely….his father would never attempt to interfere with his life now that they have parted ways.

Perhaps a bounty hunter or some other assassin? Afterall, he is the son of one of the Sith Ascendancy’s most influential Sith Lords. It made sense for someone to attempt to kill or kidnap him. However, as far as Janos knew, Krest and Janos were probably the only two people that knew of their father-son relationship.

Janos quickly gathered his thoughts and clutched his two weapons. He had a small Sith sword sheathed and hidden in his cloak and a lightsaber in his hand at the ready. Now was no longer the time to hide and run. Janos had to confront this stranger once and for all.

[member="Raseri Sarosh"]
The ship hissed as it opened to allow the boy out. He watched the visible air disperse into the atmosphere, before stepping out from the Haunter and feeling the heat of the ground climb his body. Lifting a hand he allowed the mask to set in place over his face, the HUD scanning the area immediately surrounding him for any signs of life. The heat messed with the thermal sensors, but there were other ways of finding someone who was fleeing.

One step, two steps, away from the ship, out into the volcanic planes of this world. The boy whistled softly, a song he remembered from his childhood, during the few years Asha was actually present... When hummed by her it had been comforting, but from Kobe it was simply menacing. His boots clacked on the ground, adding to the haunting presence he naturally put out these days, and he twirled the blaster pistol, one of his many weapons, in his left hand.



And then he spotted him, through the haze.

His hand lifted, steadied, and his finger pulled the trigger to release a solid blast of energy toward his quarry. He did not care if it hit the spot, he did not care if Janos ducked and weaved, parried or dodged... He wanted the man's attention. He wanted a real fight.


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