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Faction Chaos was the Law of Nature (Agents of Chaos)

animalis regit
I had no intention of going back to Ossus. This journey to the Unknown Regions had been an eye-opener; my life had been wasted within the Sith Empire territory. I was a wolf, I am a wolf. At thirty-one, I'm well aware of a nearly half of my life had been wasted. Enough of that.
The day had broken just a few hours ago when Samuel had landed onto the docks of Eve - Scintilla - Unknown Regions. The location had been publically available which had made the Lupine's journey to it quite easy though long still. Long enough to leave the wolf alone with his thoughts, trapped against metallic walls. The wolf did not appreciate such restrictions, he was not used to not being free. He longed to run on four legs, to find the scent of prey, to hunt down, to feast as the ultimate rewards. He longed to the might of his existence; the alpha wolf. This was not this existence through the wolf could not pilot his ship, this much Samuel accepted and kept himself in human form for the last days as he had made his way to Eve, to her.​
He was seated, observing the city expending from the docks through the large window, legs crossed and tea hot. Today, he was going to explore the city these Agents of Chaos, as they called themselves, had built and found some sort of authority. He was going ot join them, in order to find her. It mattered not, chaos was appealing enough to the wolf, his own being was filled with chaos. All in purpose of finding her. Someday soon, he would focus back on the mission he had told his siblings - he would find their homeworld. Until then, she called to him, called for those like him, those would would inflict chaos, who would find the oppressors of the Confederacy.​
In all honesty, I don't care for the Confederacy. There is but a big galaxy group. Like the Siths. This moves her though, so it shall move me too. I will help her liberate this galaxy from order, I will help her bring chaos.
Samuel was normally not an easily convinced alpha. He ruled with both love and an iron fist in the midst of pack. The remaining siblings could not overrule him, nor could they defeat him yet he gave them freedom enough of the love he felt for them. Samuel hated only one person this galaxy, that was Benjamin. His death brought him peace and victory all at the same time. His death liberated and empowered Samuel. The one death he regretted was that of his Mother, that of the woman who gave birth to him. He could understand his hysteria now, her pain for the loss of her child yet in that moment, the Lupine had no control of himself and in the fit of rage, he had murdered her. Not a day went by that he did not regret killing her, sending Josiah over the edge. Ainsley Bergen had not deserved what had occurred to her but maybe she had found peace in the life lost, not need to live with the knowledge of her first born's death. Perhaps, she had found some sort of peace in the afterlife. His Mother was human, she could never truly understand the dynamics of the wolves.

This was a decade ago and then some though; his past, not his present. She was in his present, she was in his future. Agents of Chaos was his future, as was Bergenfeld. Someday, the wolf would go home, take control of the ancestral home and lands - as was his destiny. Today though, he would drink tea. Black tea, as it were before he'd venture into the lands of Eve. He was almost done with black tea though.​
It was his cue though, putting the cup down onto the saucer before he would take both to the sink, washing it both, leaving them to dry before he'd move to the hanger to pick up his jacket. He was already wearing his dress pants, light shirt, tie, and now the jacket was to finish him off. It was a Lord, his dress etiquette mimicked this through and through. The wolf wore his fur, the human wore the suits. A noble wolf, for lack of better description, Samuel had often considered. Today though, it was just a piece of outfit, and attire to make his way through the city. Inside the hangar, he'd jumped into his speeder, using the commands within the vehicle to open up the doors so he could exit. Just a couple of minutes later, the Lupine was away - the hangar-bay doors closing behind him as he'd made his way through the city.​
Eventually, his venture through the city would lead him into The Center of Eve, making him stop his speeder and park it at the allocated parking. His brief research had permitted him to know that this was where he would most likely locate the Agents. It was where the Tower would be. That would be his ultimate destination, the wolf knew. Yet, he didn't see the immediate entrance with the speeder from where he was, making him abandon his vehicle for the time being. "It is a nice day for a walk, after all," Samuel told himself out loud as he adjusted his jacket and slowly made his way towards the tower...​

Niki Priddy Niki Priddy @Open to Agents of Chaos
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Niki had delivered the latest designs from the eggsphere. At least that is what she had heard from the receptionist. They were designs for what would lurk around the Scintilla. The Fleet Admiral had reservations about relying completely on the forces that were under his control, wanting something more tangible for the people here in the spheres.

Something that would be easily mistaken for benign, or even thought of as annoying or lazy on their part. The asteroids that were empty of precious minerals were tractor beamed and placed elsewhere around the Floating Mess, reserved for defensive purposes namely for the pieced together shipyard that the Chiss fellow was using currently.

The latest design for a corvette had gone over well with the Fleet Admiral, and the production rates for it made the man even happier. News that she had relayed to the design team for their work. She blinked through her sunglasses as she walked away from the Tower, having relinquished the blueprints the team had cooked up. Placing a new piece of tech into a plain looking asteroid to bolster defenses. Her parasol was twirling around on her shoulder, turning to look back at the structure she had just left.

It felt strange being the representative of the group, but they had first dealings with Niki before anyone else from that group with her emergency masks. And they had preferred her to anyone else coming since they knew of her already. And having gone through the security checks and such had certainly helped point to her as a favorite.

The smile did not reach the pink lenses in her eyes as she stared at the tower a bit longer, a small sigh before spinning wide on the sidewalk and catching someone( Samuel Bergen Samuel Bergen ) with her parasol. She backpedaled, tangling her feet together in the effort to not hurt them as she stumbled backwards.

"SOR-" She cried mid-twist, a sharp hiss of drawing breath happening that cut her off. Niki cursed her luck, thinking further on exactly why she did not enjoy leaving the egg head sphere. Her ankle objected to the angle she set her foot down, causing her to take another step with a hop in between to relieve the pain she felt. "RRY!"
animalis regit
I was going to make my destination and I was going to meet her. Today? Tomorrow? Soon without question!

Samuel had been so sure of himself, so convinced. He had been captivated by the resolve that his blue gaze had focused on the Tower he was approaching. He was coming there, he was coming for her. He was alpha, she was alpha. The humans could not begin to comprehend the meaning of the word - alpha, first, the strongest, the mightiest. To see those traits in someone who could been human? It was near impossible from everything Josiah had every told him. Everything. Yet, Samuel had seen it. Could it be, Sammy? A quiet voice inside his head has wondered, debated. He'd spent several days on the ship, alone with his thoughts. Even when he had changed, he had been confined within the metal and it had mattered not. He was trapped, locked away by his goal.

Purple...Matters not, I shall reach the Tower soon enough. I will ensure she had her chaos...

Somewhere in the corner of his eye, Samuel had caught the sight of something purple but despite his better judgement of keeping a close eye on his surroundings, he had been distracted by what was ahead. The wolf should have known better than that yet he had done, he had been distracted.

The wolf had been walking forward, then startled when he'd been hit by something light, jolting back on instinct and growling as if he was in his wolf form, the sound all too natural upon the attack. It had taken his a moment, between the Sor and rry! the regain his human mind, wide-eyed staring at female that had spoken at him, the hiss lingering his throat until it died of its own natural accord, finishing off in a snorl. There was a time when the wolf would take over, no control by him; consume him. He'd grown since then; stronger in mind and stronger in body yet consumed by the madness subduing him... he remained in human form, wide-eyed staring at the girl looking at him. A pareson her choice weapon yet clearly not attacking him on purpose. "What?" His senses regained, Samuel adjusted his jacket before his fingertips moved to his tie, fitting it just right in the center. "Why hello there. I'm Samuel. Who ever are you, parason wielder?"

Niki Priddy Niki Priddy
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Taking a moment to collapse the impromptu weapon with a touch of shame on her face, Niki stood for a moment with mouth slightly agape. Oh, good, they weren't entirely mad. But the sounds of growling had made her wonder where something that scary sounding had been. Eyes moved to his as words formed automatically.

"I am so sorry! I wasn't payin-" She stumbled on her own tongue, shifting mental gears as they introduced themselves. The paresol was pointed down with a light curtsy to them. "Niki-err, Nichol Priddy." She looked them up and down for a moment, the suit giving her a sense of needing to use the proper form of her chosen name. She felt a little under-whelming in her current attire. A scarf paired with a simple short sleeved button up and a long skirt. Nothing of note, nor marking serious importance for what she had just done.

"I didn't hurt you did I? I am sorry, really. Can I make it up somehow? Coffee or something?" She spewed words quickly, nerves taking over part way as she quietly wondered if they were a fighter with the true Agent's of Chaos. Something about how they carried themselves made her a little nervous.

Samuel Bergen Samuel Bergen
animalis regit
I hadn't expected to meet anyone other than the officials but I suppose... this is the planet of Chaos...

He'd mused to himself, watching the girl apologize still, sentence left abandoned after a moment with a curtsy to follow. How fitting, the Lord of Bergenfeld, thought to himself at that moment as he observed. Niki... Nichol Priddy even, he had heard as his nerves had settled. Clearly, the girl was no threat to the Lupine, Samuel had considered as he observed.

Proper, mannered; all of this was fitting, the man thought to himself. She wouldn't know of his status... perhaps he too didn't know of his status either. He was a Lord of stories, Samuel would consider just for a moment. Josiah had told him of their heritage yet none of this had been proven even though in truth, he would swear the stories had been true. Samuel was Lord of Bergenfeld, even when he didn't know where Bergenfeld lay; he would soon enough. This was a mission he would not leave forgotten or abandoned, even. It had been part of his mission, just as she was.

"Nichol," Samuel had tried the name against his lips. A foreign name, indeed, but the galaxy was full of foreign names, he ventured. This was nothing of the ordinary there, for sure.

She'd kept on talking once more, talking of nothing wanting to hurt him, apologizing, and even offering coffee. He had no choice but the smile at the bubbly words coming forth. "Settle down," the words had just flown out of his mouth, unintentionally for the most part, "I don't drink caf." It had been the truth. Samuel and tried it once, perhaps twice even and never favored the taste of it. His eyes had wandered to the Tower for just a split second before they had returned back to Nichol Priddy, a bright smile spreading across her face in an instant. She would never know the animal he was, he reasoned with himself within the smile, pushing away of the thoughts of greatness that inflicted him - he would help her in achieving chaos, he would stand tall as the Lord of Bergenfeld. Perhaps today, his destiny would stagnate for just a moment. He had decades to go in his life, a moment to spare to the newly discovered an acquaintance would he spare...

"I could spare a few moments for a good mug of tea," he offered instead, "and maybe you could tell me how it is you came to be here, on Eve." Perhaps she was a resident, perhaps she was Agent. He would find out soon enough, Samuel was sure.

Niki Priddy Niki Priddy
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Her name was tried, and she couldn't help but listen. It was not with heart aflutter though, more akin to knowing you might still be in trouble. But he advised her to settle, and she did. With the admittance of not liking caffeine, she had a muted moment of horror internally. How did this man function? She silently thought. Then again, not everyone spent their time huddled over a desk working on the intricacies of silly items.

The counter offer was given, and she propped the closed parasol back onto her shoulder with a smile. Though the end was now planted against her shoulder rather than sticking out over the top. "Gladly. There is an excellent shop here in Eve for such a thing! I don't usually get to come here often unless it is for work." Her thoughts slid over to the shop in question. A twi'lek man ran it, a happy fellow that hand brewed everything.

"I shall lead the way then." She offered, taking the left at the beginning of the street for her, the end of the street for him. The parasol was used as a walking stick this time, keeping it from hitting him once more. It was not terribly far away from the tower, and Sulim Brii was faithfully attending to the small shop he owned.

It was nothing large or fancy. More was claimed for his shop in seating than in actual brewing function, and a number of beings were happily sipping away at something when they came near. It was an open air design, his brewing station and supplies hidden behind a large counter style setting. It had a covering over the top, designed to be locked rather than protect from the elements. Set against the back wall of another business, the courtyard sitting area was free space, and not large enough for a substantial gathering. Geared towards small couple style gatherings than large parties.

A variety of tools were behind him, and a number of both old and new books on the front desk. A quick glance would see different types of tea presented with descriptions and allusions to their flavors.

"Ah, welcome! Niki, have not seen you for a spell! Anything new you are working on?" He spoke with a slight rasp to his words, as though something was stuck in his throat that a cough would not dislodge.

"A few things the others are doing, I took a break from designs at the moment. Sulim, this is Samuel. Samuel, this is Sulim Brii. Greatest tea maker in these parts. Lives and breathes tea. Some even call him Mr. Tea." The purple twi'lek smiled, sharpened brilliant teeth a stark contrast against the purple skin as the man laughed, golden earrings bobbling as he did.

"Dira Niki, you flatter me. Come, make an order and I shall do my best. Nothing more." He waved a hand with a smile across his features, leaning against the desk and waiting.

"If you would please, hibiscus petal tea with a shot of citric please?"
She smiled, looking to Samuel. "What would you like?"

Samuel Bergen Samuel Bergen
animalis regit
She's a curious one, all eager to make this situation better. It entertains me, I'll be sticking around for a while longer, I'd say.

Nichol informed him of an excellent shop, or so she claimed, right here on Eve. "We'll have to test that then," Samuel offered in response, a smirk on his face. He was somewhat teasing her as he'd never been this sphere or any other, for that matter. If his young hostess believed it was an excellent shop, he would only joke with her now but accept her judgment for sure; the Lupine was following her just a moment later as she announced herself to be leading the way. A quiet chuckle followed those words though Samuel himself didn't speak at all, walking right behind his young attacker.

Curiouser and curiouser, the parasol is not a walking stick? Wonder if that's just fashionable here or if there's some other meaning to it?

The man observed his surroundings the same way the wolf observed the forest - he watched, listened, and smelled. Though, his smell was hardly a match for the distance capable when in his wolf form; but the habit existed none the less. He'd observed her usage of the parasol now though he chose to not say anything; considering the possibility that it might have been a necessity even though he could neither confirm nor deny this. Maybe later, Samuel considered as he followed her into the small shop she'd promised him was most excellent.

Neither large nor spectacular in any way, it sure had a charming vibe, Samuel noticed as he'd spun himself around and observed his surroundings. Patrons were seated away, sipping their drinks; the employees were working away behind the counter. He could smell the brews, he could smell another thing, Samuel realized something he had only caught in the corner of his eyes, having him spin halfway before he was facing books both old and new, the smell of them giving it away before he had even reached out for one; an older one. Samuel smiled softly at the sight of it. The Ancient Keltrian Poets: Masters of Alliteration was a book Samuel had read many moons ago and had enjoyed every single one of the poems inside it. Behind him, he could hear Nichol entering a conversation with someone, the man calling her Niki, much akin to how she had started to introduce herself to Samuel just moments ago, only to correct herself to Niki. The wolf always kept his ears open.

Designs, he had heard next, clueing him a little more into his attacker before he had heard his own name and turned back to face Sulim Brii, the greatest tea maker in these parts. Mr. Tea, it was a funny old nickname in retrospect of his appearance, plenty more to draw the eyes to instead of the one thing that couldn't. Sulim Brii might have very well been the greatest tea maker around these parts, Samuel considered. "We'll see then," Samuel agreed to the Twi'lek's words, moving closer to the counter, watching Nichol as she had made her own tea. "Black tea, a splash of lavender," Samuel made his order once Nichol had finished hers.

I do wonder what it is that I could discover of the lovely lastly in a little more time, he considered as he glanced back towards her, before returning the book its original spot. "Shall we find a seat?" The Lupine questioned.

Niki Priddy Niki Priddy
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Niki smiled at the man, before watching the Twi'lek nod appreciatively before walking off. The work began as soon as he was away from the ordering booth. Hands flitting delicately over the process as the soft clangor of tools began to work, before a keen eye kept watch over their chosen drinks as they steeped. Each one in a cup that retained heat well, but kept the outside cool.

Niki turned when he asked about a seat, her giving a wave to another working behind that counter. "Yes, that would be perfect." She looked at the book in question before addressing him. "I think they would let you borrow that if you wish." She twirled, a small smile appearing as she directed them to a table.

"I never answered your question did I?" She went ahead and half-asked and half-blurted. "I am part of the engineer group here in the Scintilla. And unofficially their face. Somehow. I work on civilian stuff typically, though they like my input since I think of the easy or simple solutions." She continued to twirl until she was seated, hair splaying around her softly as the parasol was set against her seat. The ruffles of her outfit smoothed as her face turned to Samuel.

"What brought you here? Business as well?" Another question, not prying but certainly curious. She wasn't nearly as nervous now, apparently in her environment and feeling a bit braver.

Samuel Bergen Samuel Bergen
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A single hand gesture passed in front of his face in response to her suggestion. "It's fine, I've read it plenty of times. There's at least one copy of it back in my childhood home," he mussed, a small smirk on his face at that. Just because a book was had, didn't mean it couldn't be found again. Books were prints of memory, not just in the words but also in the way they felt in someone's hands, the way they smelled. They engaged senses in a way a datapad never would. It was probably why he returned to many of the old classics.

Mother gave me that book, he remembered, a flash of sadness and regret passing through him. Mother loved poetry. Samuel hadn't thought of it in so long but that book, a single cover, had triggered the memory of the woman whom he had killed. Not by his choice, not by her fault either. He had no control over himself, she had been inconsolable. Samuel was the one that took the blame, he was after all the wolf that had taken her life, that had broken the family. His sisters didn't truly trust him still, his father was forever destroyed. They were stronger for it but they were broken none the less...

Samuel wasn't a stupid man, he knew he was the one that had caused it. No one can fight fate though.

Niki Priddy Niki Priddy suddenly brought him back, on their way to the table with a question; and was right, she hadn't answered him until now, that was. An engineer, part of a group. Unofficially, their face. Civilian stuff. Interesting. "I see," the wolf responded before taking a seat opposite from her. "Perhaps when we leave here, you can show me some of your work." A tiny smile, almost a half-smile spread across as his face as he observed. Samuel had intended for his day to go different but he was interested none the less and would postpone his overall task for a little while.

After all, I have a lifetime for that, he thought to himself as he heard another question.

His reason for here? Business, Niki had suggested. "The Agents did. I seek to find them." It was as simple as that, except it wasn't that simple at all. A girl had brought him here, a strong woman. She was the face of the Agents, the face of Chaos. He would find her within them. No one can fight fate, he reminded himself, this time the thought was far brighter than it had been moments ago. Samuel was looking forward to that.