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Changing hands

[member="Laira Vereen"]

It wasn't exactly easy to track her down, but they did in the end. Pella sent a message that was quite to the point. The project was slipping and they were about to reach the point where the Alliance would start recouping their costs through contractual failures.

Dear Laira, I understand you might have a supply of Stygium. Incom would like to make an offer for enough to outfit twenty small ships with claiming devices for an Alliance project.
Laira strummed her fingers on the dash of her ship when her communicator pinged with a message. The redhead sighed with exasperation, expecting something requiring her to appear in a long dress or something else that annoyed her. To her surprise it was not a message from her parents but from Incom, pinging her alter ego, Laira Darkhold.

Perhaps failing to deliver that stygium she had promised to ship for the CIS would pay off, again technically. Not that the CIS was very dangerous or worrisome. They had never asked about the shipment or attempted to look for the smuggler since giving her the payment and the shipment.

//To: [member="Pella Vun"]
I do have some stashed away meant for the CIS before they went defunct and all that. Its not a whole lot, but I'm sure we can work something out. I'll meet you on Carida if that's okay. Check you then, ;)

Laira Darkhold

With that the young woman stretched out to reach for the navicomputer so she could plug in the coordinates to go to the storage shed those crates were sitting in since the CIS had fallen out and dissolved.

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