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Change the Mandate Update Protocol

Ever Dawnracer

Matukai Adept
At present we post mandate change requests in the map update thread. These updates then, from what I've seen, aren't put into effect until the map update is done. So we can request a change every 60 days, but for some of us it stays in effect (unless I'm reading the rules wrong in that what's listed in the mandate thread is active even if we've requested the change) for 90 days (give or take and depending on faction).

I don't see why, with a relatively small number of factions, this couldn't be handled in a similar manner to how Valiens handles changing faction owners. IE, we post the request in the mandate thread and then when we hit the date and a staff member is available it gets changed. No waiting, no making Jamie have to do it when she's doing map updates.

Seems like it would be easier if things were done that way, otherwise the 60 day request is arbitrary as it depends on the faction. I realize it doesn't say it stays in effect for 60 days, it says we can request a change, but I don't like arbitrary stuff because it drives me crazy so at the very least could we clarify that it is only changed when map updates are done or change it so we can request based on our major status approval date?

Also, the current list still has some factions in it that were recalled, just as a heads up.
[member="Ever Dawnracer"]

I agree. This could stand to be better defined and perhaps be given a thread of its own. Though I am generally the one who updates the mandates as well, so the lack of removal for the recalled factions is also partially my fault. I can bring this up with staff for a discussion.

Laira Darkhold

Well-Known Member
Couldn't it just be posted as normal and be approved by an RPJ (Like Doms are now) with a quick check to the Mandate list for dates then it goes into effect? Would take like 1-3 days tops for someone to do that (Since RPJs already have to check up on Dominions there anyway), then Jamie can update the Mandate List when she does the Map Updates as normal.

[member="Jamie Pyne"]

Ever Dawnracer

Matukai Adept
[member="Laira Darkhold"]
That would also work, provided there was some clarification that it goes into effect as soon as it is approved by the RPJ.

Though I still think it would be easier to have the mandate thread operate the same way the map update thread does and then just have the RPJs update the first post when appropriate.