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Challenges of Mind and Body.

The dark abomination continued to inch towards Alyson, it wanted to become her, to consume her mind with fear. It wanted to be her. Alyson thought on what the Lord had said, what he meant by it, soon the fog over her mind abated slightly, she could think to some degree, she could think about what the lord had said to her. Failure is always an option. What did that mean? Alyson was able to break the chains held over her mind somewhat, she could now speak.

"Why should i fear you. What have you done to earn my fear. As far as i know, i have not failed yet, what makes you earn my fear." She asked

"Y͜Ǫ̷̧U̵̢̡ K͟N̶͠҉O̢͏W͟͞ ̨W̷H͞Y̴̢!̴͏ ̷̴Y̸̛OU͘ H͟AV̢͞͝E͟͡͝ ͟F͞E̴̛͜ĄR͘͠͏E͜D͏̵̢ ̴̡͟MÈ ̢͡FÓ͞Ŗ҉ ̕M͏͏A̶͢NY̴͠ ̀͢Y͢͢E҉̧͟A̶R͜͏̴S̡̀,͏͟ ̢͏͜E͝V͜͞E̷͜R̢ S̢͢͞IN҉̢C̶Ę Ỳ̨Ò̕Ư͘͢ ̵P͘͘I̴̷C̀͟K͡E̸͜D̵ ̨U͘͟͠P͞͡ ͘T̷H̸͘͝E ͡M͘͏AN͘T̴Ļ̶E ͜Ó͢F̸̕͡ ̵̨E̡̡M͞P͡R̷E̷̡͠S̢̛S͠.̵̧" The beast replied.

"To be honest it sounds like empty threats to me, it sounds like you make threats of failure, but fail to specify how, and why, i would be a failure. It sounds like to me that you are but an irrational fear, having no basis in reality. A fear that is just in my head." As Alyson said these words the fear stopped in its tracks unable to move. "It sounds to me as if you like to go on about how i will be a failure, but do you truly believe this? Do you... I, truly believe that I will be a failure, or is it just a fear that i hold due to some illogical fluke of the mind, only there as some odd, archaic part of the brain that we refer to as fear." Alyson said.

Her body became looser, the locked up joints became usable, the darkness surrounding the area abated slightly.

"Fear obviously is a healthy part of the human mind, it is critical to our survival instinct, but fears like you have no purpose besides holding me down, preventing me from reaching my full potential." She continued walking closer to the beast. "You are nothing, i am in control here, i have nothing to fear, not even you."

As she went on the beast grew smaller, shrinking, it was becoming less of a problem, as it shrunk, the darkness it brought shrunk too. Alyson got closer to the creature, as she got closer, the more it shrank, she was fighting back against her fear. Soon she was close enough to touch, and the fear was but the size of a small ant, ready to smash.

"Its been fun, it really has, but its about time we parted ways."

Alyson then smashed the creature, and the darkness completely subsided. It was gone. The fear that had held her back all these years was now gone. It was time to wake up. The world of thought now faded away, and she could fear her consciousness returning. It was time to wake up.

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