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[CH1]No Survivors.


Chapter I
The unknown regions of space in theory to the young man was quite daunting, who knew how many unexplored, uninhabited, and unknown planets were left in our vast, vast galaxy. The idea to even comprehend their were even more universes besides our own was one that overwhelmed most individuals, especially when they normally don't travel past the outer rim. Yet now that he had The Squire under his own command, the small crew, consisting now of only three; Tobasu and two human spacers he picked up on Narshaddaa. The ship headed through the outer rim had no plan of entering the outer regions however, yet when the sound of static and distortion came over the radar, Tobasu roared at the idea of an adventure. The sound in reality was a distress signal, asking for help as they were stuck after being shot at by a group of pirates. Although he wasn't one to give a hand to help, the idea of venturing out into unexplored space made the teenagers hair rise on his arms, saying he was excited was clearly a understatement; yet his eyes still showed the fiery passion and hatred as if his body wasn't feeling the same with a stone cold face he ordered the pilot to track down the signals location. The sound of the engines roared and off the ship went, flying through the depths of space.

It would be several hours before they stumbled upon any wreckages and when they did, the shock of seeing a small ship (that was pretty much the same size as his own) torn apart, the hull flaming with massive creators in the metal. Whatever had shot at this seamlessly harmless ship meant business. The Squire flew in, engines stopped humming as they now drifted, yet upon looking there seemed to be no life on the ship, it seemed whoever sent the distress signal was now dead as the ship was visible enough now from the outside, that the inside was no more. Yet that's when it happened, unknowingly from behind a pirate band started shooting, The Squire raced off through the unknown regions, these pirates had set a trap and were now chasing the prey that sprung it. Dodging and weaving through derby and being shot at was fine and all, but Tobasu knew that this would end badly, it was just a gut feeling. That is when they got hit, their right wing flying off in a fiery explosion, these pirates had strong weaponry, The Squire in which he just took command of would now go down in flames, cussing out loud, panic had set in with the other two spaces as their left wing came flying off, the ship started nose diving. "There, that planet below, crash there, it's our best bet god dammit."

Upon entering the atmosphere and just before it the ship was falling at such speeds the metal coating started to turn a bright orange, flames emitting from it as a ear-splitting hissing plunged through the skies. It would seem like forever yet in reality the spectacular crash would only take a few more moments as upon getting closer Tobasu could see the dense jungle of this unknown planet. This wasn't the adventure he wished for yet it was quite ironic; upon seeing a Manadlorian for the first time and being told about the Basalisk War Droids, he said he wanted to ride one...This must of been what it felt like. The ship meet loud, trees flattened, dust kicked up and a giant creator was made. Tobasu hitting his head in the wreckage went out like a light, sadly the other two spacers were dead from the impact or possibly the metal spikes sticking through them as if they were forcibly thrown into it. His crimson eyes, lost color as they faded, it would of seemed his was fighting for life and he could of been possibly with all the blood desecrating from his body, or was that the blood of the other two? Who knew, Tobasu defiantly didn't as he rested against dirt and metal, his mind wandering off on its own tangents for now as golden hair was tainted by the color of dark crimson blood.
@[member="Darth Arcis"]

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
Tantor, Tantorus

The massive pillars of the golden city shone bright in the later hours of the day. The King and his Royal guard made their way around the city on his daily rounds. Though it wasn't exactly his duty to do this, he typically went out for walks and greeted his subjects throughout the day. Most Kings and higher officials didn't care one bit about their followers or their well being, but Arcis was different. He was the kind of guy who led from the front, it was how he always did things. Be they training from his olden days as an Imperial Cadet up until he was a Grand Admiral and then Emperor.

He was always one to take the charge and lead his men to victory. For over 20 years he'd served in military service, devoting almost his entire life to the art of warfare. It was even part of the Lussk family's heritage, war and violence would permeate his entire life until the day he died. He'd most likely end up dying by sword's edge anyways. His Father was a Navy man, something that Arcis had strove for under his previous name Dranok Lussk. That was his old, past self. The Grand Admiral and Emperor, human in appearance but truly dark in nature. The Sith had changed him as an apprentice. Tortured into a mass killer, world razing and endless slaughter were descriptions of his daily life.

And then he met his daughter, Kara Vi'dreya. Discovering her as a young Sith apprentice back on Ziost in the wild tundras. It was then that Dranok's life flipped upside down. That spark of light in his heart pushed him to the brink and where he was today. It altered his personality for eternity. It made him that sensible, calm, and stoic ruler that he was today.

Today, it appeared war and violence had made its way to him as a blazing scorch flared through the sky. The wreckage and flames spewed across the outskirts of the city, zipping past several structuring beams before smashing head-first into the outer walls of the city. What exactly was that? Why had violence come to wreck havoc on his people again?


During the time of his induced 'sleep', Tobasu would be but greeted by a mysterious apparition in his own dreamscape of pure abyss. This ghostly figure radiated a shinning aura that would feel cold to touch, if one could touch the dead that is... Her voice or was it a very feminine he? He didn't know but the voice was like that of a Seraph, leaders of the choirs of angels that sung beautiful heavenly songs. Long silver clocked spirit's figure as if she was naked yet covered by the fine strands of silk that shimmered against her aura, causing a glittering or sparkling effect. She bellowed out the words bouncing from the emptiness of his hallowed mind; "Tobasu. YOU shall not die, it is far too soon. A Forgotten king awaits, you will serve him , he will save you, and more importantly he will begin your climb to power. Heed my words or die..."

[This part of the post directly links to this thread found here, the manifestation of his power is starting to happen and the thread reflects what he was feeling /thinking upon being unconscious.]

A crow floating on silk wings,
A deadly song this bird will sing.
Melody's way through the cold winter's air,
Benign feathers, decomposed and devious.

Tobasu's Song, with no pure soul,
Floating, twirling, Children's ghillies.

Tantorus, Afternoon,
Crash Landing Site.

The light started the fade as he looked directly unto those beautiful crystal blue eyes as skin, hair and face faded and turned to nothing but dust. This was when he would awoken in a pool of blood that was of his own and the two other bodies that were now dismembered and disfigured, it was clear they didn't' survive. So a few groans and coughs of crimson liquid that matched his eye color later and he would slowly get up. Scarlet tears dripping from his clothing as he crawled his way through the rubble and out of the wreckage luckily it didn't take too much effort otherwise he wouldn't of made it most likely due to the fact he was that wounded at this point that any strenuous movement involving climbing would be fatal. Tobasu would slowly make it to the lush green grass as he coughed, more blood coating the beautiful environment of this planet, he felt bad for destroying such a peaceful place. It felt strong in presence and it radiated within him that he must be here for a reason, or so he thought. Ever since he found out he was force sensitive, which he still doesn't truly believe, yet he could feel the presence of something greater here. His nihilistic self had been contemplating what to do with his new found power and of course the first and only answer to such a stupid question was to gain more and with that he would be respected...Maybe this planet held secrets who knew, yet Tobasu would radiated the feeling of the dead even though he was perfectly alive, well for the most part anyway and this feeling of emptiness would be what drew others in.
@[member="Darth Arcis"]