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C'est La Vie

Ara Zambrano

Sarathiel Ren
As most of you are already aware, it’s time to make this public, official, and all that jazz. As of the election of a new Faction Owner, I am resigning in my position as Faction Admin.

I intended on announcing this prior to a new Faction Owner being elected, but I had neither the time, nor honestly the inclination, to write this over the weekend.

The why:

Has already been said. My departure coincides with that of [member="Rolf Amsel"] and [member="Samka Derith"] , both of whom have already articulated a multitude of reasons for their own resignations that align with mine. In short, during my tenure as an Admin I have felt the sting of disrespect, disregard, and dislike that is ultimately due to a vocal minority but has nevertheless persisted. Many of you know I have struggled with my place in the Faction for quite a while now due to these issues and concerns, which came to a head as the intra-Faction drama unfolded a few weeks ago while I was still on LOA from the board due to overwhelming real life responsibilities.

To quote our former Faction Owner:

Though it has been bandied about a bit as far as myself taking leave of the First Order faction ownership, I feel now is the time rather than later. In wake of the intra-faction drama that has unfolded over the last couple weeks, I am no longer willing to put effort in towards driving or directing the faction. Time and time again effort has been put in not only by myself but the faction staff - and the levels of disrespect I've seen over the past weeks has reached a breaking point. Not only was an accusatory and ill-informed rant posted publicly in our faction forums but the disrespect exhibited in the faction's Discord chat towards members of the faction staff has been out of line.

I won't delve into the details as I feel it's akin to beating a dead horse, however it is important to note that the ongoing lack of respect for faction staff as well as an abrasive and aggressive, accusatory rant taken first to the board is a blatant signal that there is a rampant disrespect for the faction staff as a whole. Rather than addressing the issue with staff directly, it was put on public display - that's not the action of a friend nor an action in good faith either.

While I understand not everyone may feel as those making the loudest noise, I no longer feel that I am the best course forward for this faction, and in short, I'm fed up with being the target of such disrespect both as your faction owner and frankly, as a person. I don't write here to increase my blood pressure, and I'm done sacrificing my sanity or health.
I could not have said it better myself. I’ve sacrificed my own free time (little enough as it is) to pushing the faction forward through Dominions, plot lines, artwork, and so much more, that I have neglected my own stories. I have spent too much time policing the Discord in an attempt to ensure that all are welcome, comfortable, and happy, that it has often killed my muse to write. I have spent too many evenings wondering if I’m even welcome in my own Faction because of those who have vocally fought every attempt we as a staff have made to make this place better and greater. As Alicia has said, we have tried everything we could to make this Faction what you wanted, and each time either nothing was done or the riotous complaints abounded.

Ultimately, I’m done neglecting my own enjoyment for those who don’t appreciate the effort and love I’ve put into this place. As Rolf said, the vocal minority thinks things can be run better, so here's your chance.

As for my LOA, it will be continuing indefinitely. That’s not to say I won’t return, nor to say I will no longer write with the FO, as that is largely unknown for the time being, but it is to say that I am taking some much needed time for myself after a grueling six weeks IRL. I will still be here to support [member="The Major"] and the new administration team as they transition, as well as floating around discord for those who care to keep in contact while I’m away for a little longer.

Good luck and May the Force Be With You.