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Cerberus War Droid

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Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
Intent: To recreate and modify the ancient and powerful Basilisk war droid
Development Thread: I am hoping not as this is traditional mando tech just remade
Manufacturer: Mandalmotors
Model: Basilisk
Affiliation: Mandalorians
Modularity: Yes it has weapon mounts that the rider can customize
Production: Minor (limited to pc use only)
  • Titanium (shell)
  • Duranium (frame)
  • Beskar alloy (at hardpoints)
Description: The growing war with the sith and other factions throughout the galaxy saw the need for the mandalorians to redevelop the ancient and powerful Basilisk with one thing in mind. Utter decimation of Hostile sith forces. The old war droid that can learn on it's own, track targets like sith, lay waste to an entire division of Stormtroopers or any other lightly protected infantry unit, or light vehicle. With the Hardened systems having beskar alloy plating over the already durable Titanium/Duranium shell, it proves to be a 'pain' when calculated into tactical battlefield strategies.

Capable of leaping short distances, the Cerberus can bash down walls and lay waste to a fortified bunker due to the impressive and massive weight of the internal systems, Armour plating, and the weapons. A small fusion reactor is located upon the back of the droid, lightly shielded by Duranium and Titanium plates, giving it the protection it needs to guard it's primary source for power. There are four mounts for the rider to customize their own weapons onto the beast and it can drop from atmosphere.

The jump boosters have a secondary function in addition to short distances. When dropped from the sky they counter the descent at terminal velocity until just the last moment when the droid lands and shatters the ground with the impact. Made for shock and awe while bringing the true fear of the ancient mandalorians but with less weapons sadly. The size of the droid also is for a second part, as was proven by Canderous Ordo the droid can be modified for cockpits. This has been done so a pilot can go from an engagement in space to the ground while being protected from the heat of entry.

Classification: Fourth Degree (military war droid)
Weight: 3041kg 165.50g
Height: 7.42m
Length: 8m
Width: 3.29m
Movement: Quadrupedal, Repulsars (in space)
  • 2x E web Repeating Blaster Cannons (Attached to the Arms)
  • 1x Shoulder mounted Mass driver Cannon with belt fed loading mechanism and Drum Magazine carrying 300 MDC rounds.
  • 1x Shoulder mounted, Drum Fed, Concussion Missile launcher (Holding Eight missiles that are fired one at a time.)
  • 4x weapon holster and mounts for rider
  • 1x tail mounted mortar launcher (holds ten mortars
  • 2x clawed forward arms
  • 1x Octuple forward laser cannon (mounted on the face)
Misc. Equipment:
  • Internal Comlink [1]
  • Vocabulator [1]
  • Locked Access [1]
  • Heuristic Processor [1]
  • Back Up Processor [1]
  • Secondary Battery [2]
  • MFTAS (Multi Frequency target acquisition system.) and Darkvision (Night vision) [1]
  • Magnetic feet [4]
  • Jump Servos [8]
  • Oxygen tanks [10] (4 hours each)
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