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Celiana Drayven

NAME: Celiana Drayven
FACTION: Silver Jedi Order, Agents of Chaos
RANK: Jedi Knight
SPECIES: Human of Echani descent
AGE: 25
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
EYES: Purple with flecks of Gold and crimson. (Force Illusion of Blue Green eyes with flecks of Gold for identity concealment)
HAIR: Platinum Blonde (Shoulder length)
SKIN: Lightly tanned

+(Gifted Mechanic) Celiana can easily do work on most technology (Starships, Swoop Bikes,Droids, Most technology) due to an inherent knowledge of mechanical systems due to Force sensitivity.
+ (Now You See Me, Now You Don't) Celiana knows how to blend and merge with crowds as well as cloak herself with The Force making her an excellent pick-pocket and naturally evasive.
+(Natural Combatant) Celiana excels at unarmed and melee combat due to her Echani training.
+(Combat Foresight) Force-sensitivity gives her a slight advantage over opponents.
+(On The Fly) The fluidity of Celiana's Echani combat training allows for her to use her observant nature and adaptable combatant capabilities to turn unfavorable fights to her advantage.
+(Battle-minded) Celiana has a fascination with history. Specifically any kind that involves battles, tactics, or strategy. While there are a great many foes she's never faced herself her study of battles throughout the ages, along with her capability of thinking on the fly while in battle can lead to victories otherwise not possible.
WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum)
- Known to act rashly and in anger, especially if someone is in jeopardy or being needlessly hurt.
- Known to pick fights not out of desire for confrontation but out of a desire to understand others better.
- A tad arrogant due to her skill in the abilities she has.
- Emotionally driven, and a tad rash
- Due to her taking risks Celiana has the tendency of drawing others into her problems

5'9 tall weighing about 160 lbs. Honey colored skin with slight scars along the right side of her ribs as well as a scar running down the left side of her waist and a scar running over the left side of her lip. Ancient Echani script is tattooed along the V-line of her lower abdominal muscles in mint green ink reading "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost." Along the arch of her shoulders there's a tattoo in Galactic Basic reading "Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars." These tattoos glow in the darkness. A small nose-ring with a bright opal sits through her left nostril. Vibrant purple eyes with flecks of gold and crimson along with shoulder length, platinum blonde hair. Due to intense meditation Celiana's ears have been physically altered with an elongated conical form her ears now taper to gently pointed tips.

Along with these changes Celiana has slightly elongated canine teeth, reminiscent of a wolf. She wears a loose yet form-fitting pair of Echani training pants and usually a formfitting kimono top. A holster with a modified blaster sits on her right thigh and a minimalist combat belt which sits around her waist. Her sabers sit on her combat belt on either hips the leather wrapped hilts sit secured in place while braided strands of leather dangle from the hilts with crystal fragments tied to the braided leather strands. Both segments of her Echani bladed staff sit in holsters hanging on the outside of her calves.

Art credit: Avvart


Raised in the Echani warrior culture but not bearing the physical qualities of her species the white hair, silver eyes, or ash white skin due to her father being a Coruscanti counselor. Celiana finished the combat training of her culture and she left her homeworld of Eshan. During her time traveling she picked up several different skills and after spending time in Coruscant with her father; a wealthy counselor to an even wealthier and vastly more corrupt Senator she decided the business and politics of Coruscant weren't where she wanted to be anymore. Wanting to see the galaxy and forge her own path she headed to the nearest spaceport where she boarded a transport heading away from her now Sith controlled arriving at Mandalore where she began being trained by a woman named Arja Prudii in the ways of the Mando'ade.

After having been trained by Arja and at her recommendation Celiana boarded a shuttle that took her into Silver Sanctum space. She began training as a padawan at the Voss Temple and after a misunderstanding with her first Jedi Master she began training on her own seeking out and making new friends. One of these friends began as a sparring partner and after a while she began to develop feelings for him. Things didn't work out however and Celiana found herself alone more and more. After finishing her work in the temple Hangar one evening she ran into another young woman like herself named Aria. The two became fast friends and before long it became apparent to Celiana that she had developed feelings for her friend. Unsure of where things would head Celiana kept a flame in her heart for Aria and as time went on began to realize that not all powers associated with The Dark Side were evil. Beginning to seek training from others associated with The Silver Sanctum Celiana realized that her feelings for Aria were still there and she inadvertently formed a Force-bond with her friend whom she realized she loved...

As time went on Celiana grew closer and closer to Aria to the point of beginning a relationship with her. Celiana thought things were going well until slowly she began seeing less and less of Aria. Having worked with a Master by the name of Rasu Gan Celiana fought alongside her on Jabiim and after returning to Voss the home of The Silver Jedi Celiana was formally apprenticed to her. Aria was still nowhere to be heard of and Celiana began to wonder what she'd done wrong. Feeling as though she'd crossed a line Celiana went back to her training with Master Gan. Having fought alongside her on Jabiim as well as having gone with her and another padawan to the dark world of Malachor V where Celiana, Master Gan, and the other padawan were briefly possessed by dark side spirits dating back to Revan's era. With the help of other Jedi and inner strength awakened by a saber she'd claimed Celiana broke free from the control of the spirit and helped to redeem her master and fellow padawan.

Returning to her home on Voss Celiana couldn't shake the feeling that she'd been tainted by having been possessed by the dark side spirit. Avoiding others Celiana began taking trips to remote and isolated worlds where she began making friends and associates of a criminal nature. After this series of journeys Celiana once more came home and began to slowly allow herself to interact with others. Meanwhile the flame she kept for Aria began to dwindle and Celiana felt more and more alone...
Eventually as her Master went on sabbatical it was left to Celiana to find what she needed to fix in her demeanor and attitude about The Order as a whole.

Eventually Celiana's shenanigans began catching up to her and she met with Master Coci Heavenshield to discuss her behavior and what she needed to attain the rank of Jedi Knight. Shortly thereafter Celiana ventured on a pilgrimage of her own across various worlds touched by The Dark Side before being granted the rank of Jedi Knight the culmination of her pilgrimage ended in a duel against former Master Connor Harrison. While she was able to hold her own against him she was ultimately defeated with both of her sabers being rendered useless in the process. Taking her ship The Valkyrie into orbit she headed for the Silver Archive Station to heal and reconstruct her sabers.

Once aboard she was also presented with a sword by one of the Archivists upon the sword responding to her grip and an ancient Echani symbol appearing on the back of her right hand she was presented with another blade accompanying the first. A matched set of blades which were to be used by a Master and student. Presented with the revelation that she was to instruct another a call was sent out by her across the stars to someone she'd met before on Coruscant to meet her on Nar Shadaa for a new chapter to begin...
Following this adventure to The smuggler's moon. Celiana met a young exiled Corellian by the name of Andorreth Vikar after presenting him the students' blade she advised him to meet her on her homeworld of Eshan. Over the course of a week of intense training she taught Andorreth the skills of an Echani Fire-dancer. After defeating her in a duel Celiana gifted Andorreth the set of blades and stayed in self-imposed exile. With the Jedi Order moving to the Wookiee homeworld and subsequent invasion by The Sith Celiana was offered the role of combat instructor for The Silver Shadows. After considering this opportunity Celiana moved again to Kashyyyk to begin her new role of combat instructor for The Silver Shadows. This put her in the position to be able to have contact with her sister Selena Drayven who was now apprenticed to a Zeltron Jedi Master.
Once again Celiana was a part of The Silver Jedi Order..... Following Celiana's return to The Order conflict erupted on her homeworld of Eshan. Mandalorians brought war and death with them, slaughtering Echani from orbit where they rained down hell. Helping with evacuations and refugees Celiana prepared to return to Eshan and shed the blood of the would be invaders. Following her return and battles on the surface of Eshan Celiana returned to Kashyyyk to heal from the toll of warfare on Eshan. After healing Celiana felt called back to her family home on Eshan. Upon landing there Celiana engaged in deep meditation, where after connecting with The Force and her own memories her body was physically altered. Her formerly chestnut brown hair had turned platinum blonde and grown to lower shoulder length. Along with this alteration Celiana's ears took on an Aelfin appearance becoming slightly elongated the tips of her ears now having gently pointed tips Celiana's sense of hearing was heightened with this change. The final change to Celiana's appearance was slightly elongated canines giving her an Aelfin appearance. Having accepted her heritage fully Celiana now resembles a true Echani huntress....
Some time later, differing ideals brought Celiana to the conclusion that The Silver Jedi wasn't where she felt the freest. Celiana decided to indulge her darkness and left for The Unknown Regions. Joining up with The Agents of Chaos Celiana began her next great adventure...

TRANSPORTATION: (Swoop Racing Bike)
The Morrigan
The Voodoo

Gear and equipment:
Personal effects
-Dream-catcher crafted from shimmersilk thread, Amberite crystal shards, colored crystal shards, and Chrome plated durasteel ring. Memories imprinted on the crystals using The Force
Basic Gear
- Pilot's License
- Tool Kit

Miscellaneous Weapons
- 4 foot length sections of Crystal (Ice Blue, Forest Green, Aqua, and Ocean Blue)
-Tool bag of Amberite crystal shards (19x) total (10x) medium length crystal shards (9x) small hand-sized shards
- Cases of Arkanian Diamonds (10x)
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