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CC-829 "Wraith"

CC-829 Wraith


NAME: CC-192 "Wraith"
RANK: Dread Guard
SPECIES: Fett Clone
AGE: 21 biologically
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'0''
WEIGHT: 13 stone, 6 pounds
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Brown


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Extremely competent eyesight & excellent visionary skills
+ Highly trained in melee combat with a variety of weaponry
+ Highly perceptive and rapid reactionary skills
+ High level of physical aptitude and mental fortitude
+Excellent at stealth and camouflage in the field
- Skill with ranged weaponry is medium-level, standard for troopers
- Very lacking in social skills; is often quiet or completely silent
- Socially divisive from his standard clone counterparts

See Fett Clone

CC-829 "Waith" is one of the sharpest clones the CIS are in possession of. Boasting an excellent pair of eyes capable of spotting hidden foes from great distances away, Wraith is the perfect specimen for a well-trained sniper's accompaniment, a spotter. As such, he has undergone special training to fulfill such a role, and thus is often attached to single sniper's working alone to perform as part of a two-man team on assassination missions or other jobs of a similar nature. To counter-balance his long range tactical ability, Wraith is extremely well versed in the arts of close quarter combat, in both melee and a variety of weaponry.
Consequently, years of sniper and stealth training has molded Wraith into an almost menacing figure. He speaks only when necessary or with the very limited number of people he categorizes as being attached to. His seeming lack of the more 'human' nature of clones -- the ability to speak -- often leaves him being seen as imposing or unnaturally sinister. Although quick and responsive, he would prefer to think his foes as immobile and slow in order to supplement his training with the additional advantage of surprise.

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