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CC-808 "Shark"

CC-808 Shark

Name: CC-808 “Shark”​
Faction: CIS/Dread Guard​
Rank: Specialist​
Species: Fett Clone​
Age: 20​
Sex: Male​
Height: 6’1”​
Weight: 200lbs​
Eyes: Blue​
Hair: Black​
Skin: Fett​
Force: Dead​

Scuba Steve, Damn you! – Shark is a SCUBA trooper, focused with water worlds and underwater combat​
Space Combat – Closed suit and needing to remember any damage can kill you. Plus Zero G isn’t /that/ far from under water​
Driver of the things – If needed, he can act in plantary engagements as a driver, co-pilot or gunner​
Not good on the Surface – Shark isn’t very suited for land operations​
Close Quarters – Under the water or in space doesn’t leave much room for CQC and as such, its his least talented combat sill.​
Fett. Clone. Clone. Of. The. Fett.​
Unlike other clones, Shark stayed around on Kamino for a bit longer. While he worked toward the standard training goals, he also was educated in self contained combat roles, namely Zero-G and under the ocean combat. Once he was deployed, he was attached to a special team to give him the combat roles he sought quicker than the land roles.​

Thrasher CC-314

Welcome, brother.
(plays music from "Jaws") :p
@[member="CC-808 Shark"]

CC-808 Shark

I'm the Aqua man of the Guard. Not always useful but you'll be glad I'm here when the time comes
@[member="CC-329 Nadir"]

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