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CC-329 "Nadir"

Fabula Caromed

Belle of the Brawl
" Cloak shimmers. Armorweave probable. Provides inadequate protection against piercing attacks. Neutronium dagger acceptable offensive option. Ribcage protected. Top-heavy build. Rear of knee most vulnerable. Follow with single stab to the back of the throat. Other possibilities include- "

NAME: CC-329, "Nadir"
FACTION: Confederacy of Independant Systems
RANK: <Data Not Found>
SPECIES: Mirialan
AGE: Wonky. Physically mature.
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'10" (1.78m)
WEIGHT: 141 lbs (63.9kg)
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Green
FORCE SENSITIVE: Absent in the Force


  • + Empowered Badass Normal. Nadir has recieved a rather...special training regimen. Groomed to be the scalpel to the standard Dread Guard mallet, CC-329 is proficient in security slicing, stealth, close combat, and sharpshooting. If something needs to be handled discretely, it's Nadir's job, and she takes far too much enjoyment in that.
  • + No Sell. Like the rest of the Dread Guard, Nadir has been Vong-shaped into Force immunity. For most of her brothers and sisters, this means that she can't be mind tricked or pushed around. For Nadir, it tends to be more important in how it masks her from being sensed.
  • - Fragile Speedster. CC-329 is a talented and deadly fighter, a spectacular shot, and a nimble little bugger besides. However, she needs to be lightly-armored to keep that up. Pain resistance and exceptional training or not, she can't take a hit like the rest of the Confederate vanguard troops can.
  • - Sociopathic Soldier. Something went wrong with Nadir's programming. Somewhere along the line, she got a tick in her engine, and it has fundamentally broken her. She doesn't just kill because she's told to; she kills to experience the euphoric rush of ending a life. The smell of blood intoxicates her, and the sound of blasters is music to her demented little mind. Naturally, this makes her very unstable and dangerously unpredictable in the field.
  • ~ Sherlock Scan. It gets kind of annoying, actually.

Armor: All of the Dread Guard uses one set of armor. Normally, Phase IV armor is colored white-and-green, matching Confederate national colors. Nadir, however, is not a normal trooper. Her armor is black and gray, without any rank markings, and is further distinguished from her peers by the CZ-BTN belt. It's on the lighter end of the armor scale, due to her need to have unobstructed movement.

Blaster pistol: Continuing her theme of using nothing but the highest-grade gear available, and for easy compatibility with her rifle, CC-329 carries a BTI-WB "Woebringer" pistol as her standard sidearm. It gives her decent stopping power, is fairly rugged, and its ammunition is cross-compatible with her rifle.

Combat knife: Nadir's favorite knife isn't even a vibrodagger. The hum of a vibroblade can be detected, while a knife is silent and, when fitted with a sharpened neutronium edge, can slice through the average bodyglove just as easily as a plasteel or durasteel vibrodagger. She's quite the fan of her knife. One might say psychotically so.

Sniper rifle: CC-329's main weapon, the weapon that she trained with through almost every simulation and exercise, is the BTI-WWSR "Harpy" sniper rifle. It's compact, light, hits with a proper amount of force, and is much more subtle than other sniper weapons. Naturally, she can use other rifles. She just prefers precision.

Stealth field generator: While she's already customized her armor, Nadir needs more than just a dark paint job to function in her designated field. She's been issued one of the very limited-edition CZ-BTN cloaking device, and while she's still working out how to ration it, it's still one of her more important pieces of equipment.

Whatever she gets outfitted with. Nadir isn't a pilot.

Kaminoan clone batches often come with one or two flawed copies, glitches in the otherwise-uniform abilities and temperament of a group. Normally, these are flushed. Every so often, though, the commissioner finds something of value in how a clone is flawed, and opts to make special use of them instead of simply scrapping them to feed to the tanks. The Dread Guard, already quite unstable from their Yuuzhan Vong shaping procedures, might appear to be an exception to the rule.

Isley Verd's mission statement for the largest majority of the Dread Guard was "heavy assault troopers." When CC-329 came out of her vat and during training, she was found to be mentally unstable, bordering on psychosis. Her intense sadomasochistic affinity for pain and death unnerved even the other Dread Guard clones, but she also avoided their tendancy to think unilaterally in problem-solving exercises. This interested Darth Metus, who watched her like a talent scout as she smiled with mad glee every time she cut one of the other clones during training or lit up like a kid on Life Day at the explosions of a practice droid.

Eventually, she was picked out for a different kind of training than her brothers and sisters. As an infantry force auxiliary, advance scout, and sharpshooter, she gained the ability to...almost fit into a squad. As a commando operative, however, she proved herself extremely adept and remarkably independent. Despite her exuberance in the line of duty, she's still a valuable asset.

Provided she can be kept under control, that is.





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