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CC-256 Scalpel

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim

Name: CC-256 "Scalpel"
Faction: CIS/Dread Guard
Rank: Specialist
Species: Fett Clone
Age: 5(Early 20's biologically)
Sex: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Skin: Fett
Force: Nope

+Precision: True to his name, "Scalpel", or even just "Scalp" strive for precision and accuracy in all he does. You can kill a man with a laser cannon or a shot between the eyes, but the shot is a hell of a lot cheaper.
+Medical Training: The secondary cause behind his name, Scalpel has Medical Training, and is able to stitch someone up in a jif if proper supplies are around.

-CQC: While having extremely mild hand to hand combat Scalpel is decidedly not very good in close quarters, with his aptitude being in other things.
-Physical Fitness: While Scalpel is a Fett Clone, and a soldier, he puts in the bare minimum of PT he can get away with, thinking the time is better spent exercising the mind or refining the trigger finger.

He's not taken off his Helmet his he was given it, but it is assumed due to his voice and place of birth that he looks exactly like every other Fett Clone.

Scalpel began life just like all of the other Fett Clones, in a test tube somewhere on Kamino. Unlike many of his other newly formed brethren something went wrong with the Vong-Shaping process, and the quote-unquote "Force-Dead" status didn't take. The process was repeated many times with the same result, but ultimately Scalpel was deemed a failure. Due to this the man had a bit of a chip on his shoulders, and put all of his effort into being a better warrior than the other clone troopers. While he excelled due to his work effort, his superiors did not deem his achievements enough to offset his lack of Force-Deadness. Thus he was not put into the 117th, and wandered initially for a couple years, before returning home and enlisting again. The men who initially deemed him not strong enough were put aback, as in the two years he had refiend his ability to become a much better soldier, and with such skills it was deemed counter-intuitive to deny him entry to the 117th again, and he was placed into the Confederate Commandos.

CC-420 "Doc"

@[member="CC-329 Nadir"] @[member="CC-935 Bluejay"]

But is he a medic?

@[member="CC-256 Scalpel"]

Are you? Because if you are I have to let you know about some of the training you went through off Kamino.

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