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CC-117 Canal

Name: CC-117 Canal or Canal Tal'Verda

Faction: Omega Protectorate

Age: 22

Rank: Captain

Species: Vong shaped Fett clone

Sex: Male

Height: 1.83

Weight: 74.8 kg

Eyes: Fett eyes

Hair: Brown

Skin: Fett color

Force sensitive: nope


+ Ten years of training: after from receiving training from Mandolorian officers and other veterans for ten years on Kamino Canal knows pretty much about everything of military, weapons, and tactics, etc.

+ Strong: Well, he's strong nothing to it...except he'll beat you in an arm wrestle and can withstand some weight

+ Masochist: Likes pain and can take a whole package of it

+ Close quarter combat: Really good at hand-to-hand combat

+ Smart: as a commando he is smart and knows what has to be done first


+/- Vong Shape: don't try to choke, force push, or anything related to the force. But at the same time he can't do any space magic

+/- Independent: although he does take orders he'll do his own actions even if it is against his orders. Which will bring him good things or bad things


- Cocky: from ten years of training and being force dead he thinks he is invincible

- Hasty: he likes things done but pronto and will get into any firefight fast

- His wife: he'll protect her at all cost

- Duty: he will do his duty as a soldier, even if it costs his life

- Medicine: Don't you dare ask Canal for medical assistance cause it ain't gonna get you anywhere

Appearance: as a clone he shares the face of the famous bounty hunter, Jango Fett, with his other brothers. His natural hair color is brown and has a small beard on his chin (look at avi).

Biography: As a Kamino an clone from the Fett genome, Canal was raised and trained on Kamino. He received training from Mandolorian officers and from Calico, Galaar, and Jackpot, who were the original Fett clones that fought in the clone wars. Everyday he trained in the simulators on Kamino. His supervisors noted he excelled in hand-to-hand combat, special operations, and with weaponry. They decided to move him from infantry to a commando unit to excel his skills.

The years passed and once ten years hit they put his unit against the simulators but at difficult levels just to see if they could graduate as commandos. The unit succeeded and they received their medals, a small lecture from the officers and shipped him out to serve for the Confederacy and conquer worlds in their name.

As time passed by his commanding officer, Calico, decided to no longer serve the Confederacy because he noted the corruption of the government and that they were using the DreadGuard as tools just for their own benefits. Canal and other clones in the DreadGuard decoded to leave the CIS and move with Calico as they were known as the Liberty Concord. During that chapter Canal met a woman named Ori'Alor in a bar and on that night they got married using the Mandolorian Tradition.

Then, the Liberty Concord merged with the Omega Protectorate and after that they were no longer hunted by bounty hunters, had their rights and citizenship, something that was never given to him in the Confederacy, and settled down and was promoted as Captain in the Protectorate Military.

Now, he is in a war with the Protectorate against the former government he fought for, not knowing what the future will bring to him.

Equipment: vibroblade, True Mandolorian Ori'Ramikad armor, DC-15s sidearm, DC-17M.

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