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Cat's Paw Armory

Vyk Girani

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  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: Cat's Paw Armory
  • Headquarters: Trian (AM-14)
  • Locations: N/A
  • Operations: Weapons, Armor, and Combat Related Systems
  • Tier: Tier 2
Cat's Paw Armory came about with the consolidation of several minor arms, armor, and combat systems manufacturers banding together under one banner. This consolidation happened under the watchful gaze of Kami Ri'Had, father of Khaji Ri'Had. Kami remains as the public face of the company, bringing Trianii innovation to the rest of the galaxy for the first time in centuries. Behind the scenes, the board of directors controls product lines and sales figures. The BoD is made up of the CEOs and CFOs of the founding companies, along with three Shadow Directors, whose identities are corporate secrets, even from the rest of the BoD and the CEO. Rumors abound that a remnant of the ancient Trianii Rangers is behind both the Shadow Directors and the move to consolidate as a whole, though no evidence of such has been found as of yet.

Khaji's only relation to the company, publicly, is as the son of the current CEO. The financial galaxy believes him to also act as an agent for his father and Cat's Paw Armory, though evidence of this is circumstantial at best. What the galaxy does not yet know is that Khaji is a member of the Trianii Rangers, an organization that is a mere shadow of its former self, but still powerful on the planet Trian. As a leading member of the Rangers, he is also one of the Shadow Directors, appointed by the Punctino he reports do in the Ranger hierarchy. The Rangers wanted to have a formal presence in the galaxy, while remaining hidden at the same time. With Cat's Paw Armory as the public face, they plan to begin operations throughout the galaxy.

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