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Approved Tech Catharsis ~ Kära's Lightsaber

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Matila Arkh

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Photo Credit To: Genesis Custom Lightsabers

To create a new lightsaber hilt for
Kära's use to signify her transition into the Shadow Order and it's creation; to assist Kära in her training of Makashi and in turn assist in preventing disarmament through hilt-destruction. (Despite being a Makashi user Kära is rather weak/frail of body and can easily be overwhelmed, this helps to balance out the issue through the slight use of Rancor-bone in the grip)
Development Thread:
Alchemy, Beasts And Children, Oh My!
(Collecting the Rancor - 12 Posts)

You Don't Need All Your Bones, Surely (Adapting the Bone to fit the Grip - 16 Posts [Ongoing purely for story purposes])

Manufacturer: Kära Vi'dreya
Custom Curved Lightsaber

Affiliation: Kära Vi'dreya
Yes (Lightsaber Crystals, etc)


Durasteel (Curved Hilt) Synthetic Crystal (Red Colour Crystal) Stygium* (Focusing Crystal) Rancor Bone (Grip) Standard Lightsaber Components

This hilt is a standard curved lightsaber in design, with a few minor alterations to assist its frail user. The addition of the Rancor-bone grip makes
Kära less susceptible to losing the blade through hilt-destruction, yet at the same time it increases the weight of the blade slightly meaning it would be more difficult to wield until adjusted to (as though re-learning how to wield a lightsaber) As a duellist's blade this, like other curved hilts, assists Kära in her chosen form of Makashi, and is part of the reason for it's creation. However as with curved-hilts in general Kära is left vulnerable to blaster-fire on two fronts, with the saber itself and the form it's used alongside, and while Rancor-bone is resistant to such it has only been used on the grip and thus is not a feasible way to combat this weakness. Originally her first blade (created with the assistance of Vilox Pazela) this is simply an upgraded version, thus still retaining the main casing of standard durasteel and the Stygium focusing crystal gifted to her by former Emperor [member="Tyrin Ardik"] following the Invasion of Metalorn and her successful slaying of [member="Azar the Mystic"]. Alongside the new grip comes a secondary and much more minor addition of a simple synthetic colour crystal which is red as opposed to Kära's typical orange.
Classification: Curved Lightsaber Hilt
Size: One Handed
Length: 9.5" (Just Hilt) 35.1" (With Blade)
Weight: 1.1kg
Other Features: Slight resistance to blaster fire and lightsabers (Grip only); Stealth improvement (when the Focusing Crystal is drawn upon)

*The Stygium is already in Kära's possession following the Invasion of Metalorn when [member="Tyrin Ardik"] gifted it as a prize. (Speak to Tyrin for confirmation if required. If absolutely necessary I'll do a secondary development thread to re-acquire it)


Null Prime
I'd like to confirm that the length given for the blade is 55.1". That's nearly six feet/2 meters. Is that correct? Is that including the hilt?

(2 meters for a blade along is quite long. I'd even argue it's awkwardly long and cumbersome. But it's your call.)

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Matila Arkh

who knows?
@[member="Asemir Lor'kora"]
Hey, sorry about that - I used Wookiee as a reference and got myself all confuzzled :p It was meant to be one without the blade and one with, edited to reflect that.


Null Prime
Okay. It appears that this lightsaber is intended to be a duelist's lightsaber. A blade that's nearly six feet long (2 meters) would be very unwieldy one-handed. A typical one-handed sword would be about half that length. So, I just want to make sure that you intend the lightsaber to be that long.

If that's your intention, then that's fine, and I'll approve this. If it's not, then you might want to reduce the total length by 12-20 inches.

Let me know! :)

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