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Approved Tech Carvan's lightsaber design

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Lord Combattere


OOC Information

*Intent* Personal weapon for Jimmy Carvan
*Image Source*
*Canon link* N/A
*Restricted Mission* N/A
*Primary Source* N/A

Production Information

*Manufacturer* Jimmy Carvan
*Model* N/A
*Affiliation* Open-Market
*Modularity* No
*Production* Unique
*Material* Titanium, Durasteel, Flexisteel, Polyplast, Leathers, Cloths, Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse, and a blue kyber crystal.

Technical Specifications

*Classification* Sword
*Size* Large
*Weight* Average

Special Features

Having built 2 of the same lightsaber he has two hilts constructed for double use.
He built a Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse to make the lightsaber waterproof and make sure it won't short out.

* The lightsabers can work underwater making it effective in wet environments.
* The lightsabers were made to fit Jimmy Carvan's hands making them easy to use with precision.
* Weak to cortosis if the blade comes in contact it will for a short while short out causing it to turn off.
* This lightsaber is made from standard materials that are not the hardest and can be cut through by other lightsabers very easily.

Jimmy Caravan made the blueprints for this hilt design with his old Jedi master they designed it and it was one of the first moments they bonded over once he died Jimmy used his lightsaber to continue but putting his own Kyber crystal in that lightsaber was lost in an attack so it was needed he make himself another it took him 2 months to track down all the components like the variety of metals, leathers, cloths and some rarer parts like the Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse he had been practicing Jar'Kai lately and prefered this method of combat so he made two lightsabers of the exact same hilt design he has the original Padawan crystal he also took his dead masters out of his lightsaber and saved it for another day which happens to be today he planned on putting both Kyber crystals in his two weapons.
Not open for further replies.