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Captain to King, Leaders to Warriors (Ulfheonar/Corsairs/Raven's Ark/Black Hand/Open)

Chupa La'Roi

The sun was setting on Shiva IV as the Senator walked into his meeting room, motioning for Chupa to sit down. Taking his seat with a smile on his face, he looked up at the Senator, who nodded and turned to stand at the door, as if awaiting someone else. More like a few other people...

You see, Chupa had recently sent a comm message to each of the pirate, mercenary and terrorist factions in the galaxy, asking for an audience with them on Shiva IV, a temporary home for the Arkanian between raids and doing work for the Fringe, and where most of his pirates came from, at least for now. Especially since Ashin... Shaking his head, Chupa sighed and lightly tossed his datapad onto the table as it began to play the message he sent out to the factions.


"To all who oppose the will of the Republic. To all who fight the Sith in the sky and on the land. To those who crumble the fortifications of the Mandolorians and spread Chaos through the galaxy, who protect the people who stand with them and destroy those who would break you. To those who, with the gift of wealth and influence, seek the glory of battle in order to keep on living. To all of you, who represent your people, your brothers, your sisters; come to Shiva IV. Let us discuss our future. Let us discuss the future of our enemies. Let us discuss the possibility alliance."

Aedan Miles

Pirate King
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Aedan Miles sat in the command chair of his ever familiar Impetus-class Frigate the escort of 3 Dire-class patrol ships floating around his ship as he looked down on the planet of Shiva IV he chuckled and turned walking from the bridge in his standard flight suit with his Iron skin hidden underneath he grabbed the three weapons that belonged to him from the ships armory and then jogged into the hangar vaulting into the slightly customized Devastator-class heavy fighter. He closed the cockpit and began the start up sequence before he slowly lifted off and brought himself about opening a channel to the people below he calmly stated "This is Pirate Lord Aedan Miles inbound from the frigate Dragoon's Roost landing coordinates requested."

Aithne Charr

Heir of Fire
@[member="Aedan Miles"] @[member="Chupa La'Roi"]

Juthan's own ships followed in Aedan's, a Banshee carrier escorted by old Corellian Corvettes. He looked over the crew on the bridge as he turned to the comms officer, speaking up in a clear and authoritive voice. "Open a hail to the planet, and let Aedan know were following him in." The officer got to work, first alerting aedan of his Juthan's presence than opening a channel to the planet. "This is Iussi et dixisse Juthan'Athar'Ruodo of the Maw Consortium's Dark Blade and by extension the Corsair Brotherhood, requesting the landing coordinates of the meeting."