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Approved NPC Captain Kon Nuana

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"A rare blue skinned Rodian" by Wookiepedia​

  • Age: 42
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Rodian
  • Appearance: Nuana stands nearly 5'8" in height with almost navy blue skin. The Rodian has a gruff exterior which creates a rather negative aura around him. Apart from his rather unique skin tone he also has a scar on the left side of his jaw that extends up towards his left eye. He is generally seen in his standard security officer's uniform.
  • Name: Captain of the Guard, Kon Nuana
  • Loyalties: Adron Malvern's companion
  • Wealth: Upper-Middle Class
  • Notable Possessions: Nothing of note.
  • Skills: Advanced Combat training, ARC training, Physical Security Training, Hand to hand combat expert.
  • Personality: Being a man of few words it is seldom that the Captain ever engages in idle chatter. Even with his own lord he does not often feel a need to socialize. Little is known about the man's actual personality asside from he has a deep sense of honor that few people could match. He is a jobaholic dedicated to his work but can also be seen frequenting a cantina for the occasional drink or seven.
  • Weapon of Choice: Blaster Rifle
  • Combat Function: Experience and advanced training are Nuana's ally. Though not the best long shot with a blaster he can engage a target at under 200 meters with a skilled precision. His talents in combat lie in close quarters where his hand to hand training will thrive. With piloting and computer skills being all but lost to him he does have a slight knack for explosives that have been employed on occasion.
Born on Rodia Kon has always wanted more with his life, specifically he has always wanted to see combat in his lifetime. As soon as he was able he abandoned his job as a librarian on Rodia to enlist in the Galactic Alliance military. Serving a six year enlistment he found his calling as a soldier. However, he felt no ties to the Alliance and their wars so he decided to contract himself out as a mercenary once his term had ended. Bouncing from world to world for the next ten years Kon made a nice reputation for himself in the outer rim. Attracting the attention of House Malvern, hired on as a Sergeant of the guard he was attached to a young boy, Adron, to serve as his personal guard and the head of his guard squad. Watching the boy grow, and serving as a partial combat instructor, he found a place in the house as nearly a part of the family.
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