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Approved NPC Captain Halzyn Ciir

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The Reaper of Won Shasot

[SIZE=9pt]Source: Titanfall 2, Jack Cooper[/SIZE]

  • Age: 33
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Human, Jelucani, Valley Kindred
  • Appearance: Halzyn appears as an attractive middle-aged man. Being a soldier he keeps in good shape, and stands close to six feet tall. ‘Official’ documents, or rather what passes for official documents in ORC, have him at 5’11”, 210 lbs. Most of his weight has come from muscle, although if you asked him, he’s started to put on other kinds of weight. Most would never notice it. His straight brown hair is always cut short, and compliments his goatee and dark brown eyes.
  • Name: Captain Halzyn Zeron Ciir
  • Loyalties: Outer Rim Coalition, [member=Dax Fyre]
  • Wealth: His life has always been the military. He owns little, but certainly has a good degree of pay that he’s saved up. A modest amount simply sits in a bank untouched.
  • Notable Possessions: None
  • Skills:
    -Chuck Norris: Halzyn was trained in many forms of hand-to-hand combat during his time as an Republic commando. He keeps these skills sharp, despite his seldom need to use them.

    [SIZE=9pt]-Death From a Distance: The captain has always been a skilled marksman, trained with both blasters and slugthrowers. His preference will always be pinpoint accuracy over shear walls of death.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=9pt]-Survivor Man: Trained to survive under the most inhospitable conditions, he is prepared to be dropped into hostile environments and ensure his and his companions survival, even with the elements against them.[/SIZE]

  • Personality: Halzyn is a typically good natured man. Out of uniform he knows how to sit back, relax, pop a beer and talk about the dumb things any other man would. On the field he is known to be deadly, and a good leader. Despite his reputation as a good warrior he spares lives whenever he can. This is reflected in the fact that he never expects his men to kill indiscriminately. Being a Valley Kindred from Jelucan, his word, and his honor are some of the most important things in the galaxy, things he would never compromise, even if those he pledged his loyalty to turned out to be false.
  • Weapon of Choice:
    -Hekler’Kok HK416 Blaster Rifle
    [SIZE=9pt]-Hekler’Kok Special Edition Blaster Mark I[/SIZE]

  • Combat Function:
    +Special Forces: Previously a Republic Commando, Halzyn is more than capable of handling himself in a firefight or hand to hand. That's not to say he's invincible, but he is certainly a force to be reckoned with when facing standard infantry.

    +Basic Medicine: Due to necessity, Halzyn learned some basic medical functions such as tourniquets and CPR. He is by no means a doctor or even a medic. The best he can do is keep someone alive just a little longer, hopefully till someone more capable can take over.

    -Getting Older: 33 may not be especially old, but it can start affecting the veteran. He isn't quite as fast or as sharp as he used to be. While its unlikely, he is still capable of making mistakes.

    -NFU: Frankly, should Halzyn have to face a Force User alone, he's screwed. If they are trained, the fact that they can attack him without touching him or even having a weapon poses a very big problem...
Halzyn was born on Jelucan, and raised in the ways of the Valley Kindred. To him, honor is everything. If he ever makes a promise, know he will never break it for he is forever loyal. He left home as a teenager, only seventeen years old and joined the Republic’s military. He was quickly noticed for his skills as a marksman and soon became a member of the Republic's Commandos. When the Galactic Republic fell, he took his skills and put them to use as a mercenary. Odd for a mercenary though, he had a code. Only take contracts that’ll help people, and never fail. Several years later he’d join the Kathol Outback’s ragtag crew and eventually come under the command of [member=Dax Fyre] whom he still serves today.
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